Finding the Perfect Patterns for Your Party

To throw a party for a special occasion, especially a birthday party for your child, you need to have a special theme. That doesn’t mean your living room has to be covered in cartoon characters though. There’s so much decorating that can be done with the elegance of solids and patterns! It’s easy to coordinate a gorgeous color scheme with party supplies from Birthday Express – keep on scrolling to learn more.


Our new collections of David Tutera party supplies are just one way that we’re mixing it up with different styles of party decorations. Put simply, they go above and beyond ordinary decorations. The David Tutera Girls Party Design Kit alone contains 290 pieces, and this fun Chalkboard patterned theme has more than 320!


All of the metallic, printed, die-cut, and other decorative embellishments on these party supplies really make them something special. Rest assured we’ll be covering David more in future blogs, but count that as a quick tasting menu!

You’ve also probably seen chevron and zig zag party supplies on our blog before, and that’s because they also do such a great job at dressing up solid colors.

Our Personalized Pink Chevron party is just one of our themes that makes heavy use of chevrons, and you can read more about it right here. Since it’s so easy to customize these party supplies and design them with your own images and text, it’s a perfect party for girls of all ages. Just last week, Jen Dixon of Craft That Party used a cool pink and blue chevron look for her Favorite Things Party, too:


That’s not to say chevrons are just for girl parties, though. The gradient on green chevron party supplies can lend a nice artistic touch to a football party or other party themes for boys.


Quatrefoil party supplies can be a great choice for any type of party, too. On their own, or combined with another party theme, they can turn any party into a trendy affair. For example, pieces from this red quatrefoils collection can work together in tandem nicely with Super Mario party supplies and pirate party themes like the Little Buccaneer or Personalized Pirates Party in a Box.

For little girls, princess birthday parties are fancifully enhanced with quatrefoil colors like pink (perfect for all sorts of Disney birthday party themes) and light blue (great to use as one icy component of a Frozen partyscape). Get more party ideas for quatrefoil party supplies by reading our post on the subject here!


Have we inspired you to add some unique flair to your child’s next birthday party? What was your favorite birthday party theme when you were a kid? What kind of birthday party ideas should we come up with next? If you liked this post and want to see more like it in the future, then let us know! Follow us on Facebook or on Twitter @BirthdayExpress or send us a quick email to share your thoughts. Be sure to check out our boards on Pinterest too, where we’re always adding new sources of party ideas and inspiration.

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