Farm Tractor Party

If your little one loves the barnyard, if it’s impossible to pull him away from the petting zoo, if he’d rather be at the farm than anywhere else, then this year, throw him a Farm Tractor Party with our brand new birthday theme, exclusively at BirthdayExpress!

And add a little something extra to the festivities by combining this new theme with one of our old favorites: The Barnyard!




To put together a beautiful birthday table like this one, start with our hay bale tablecover and add plates, cups, placemats and napkins.


Those little cutlery packets are just blue napkins folded over red napkins and secured by a tractor sticker.


Mason jars, dressed up with ribbon and another tractor sticker, make for a great way to display plastic cutlery and straws.

Party Pack

Get everything you see here in our Express Value Farm Tractor Party Pack. Or go all out and get a Party in a Box, which can be customized at four different levels, for up to 16 guests!

POD Table Decor

As another option, there’s a separate personalized theme that’s totally customizable, so you can upload a photo of your little farmer and put it on plates, invitations and thank you notes, or a giant vinyl banner.

POD Favor Box

You can also send your party guests home with a favor box emblazoned with a photo of your smiling child.



When putting together your party menu, try out these recipes.  First, our “Dirt Cups” don’t include any real dirt. They’re made with chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos, and candy rocks. They taste a lot better than actual dirt cups; just trust us.

Our Menu Markers are actually made from these free printables you can get exclusively at BirthdayExpress!

Hay Bales and Pigs in Blankets


For our Farm Tractor party, we cut up a pan of Rice Krispies Treats into “Hay Bales” and made a batch of Pigs in a Blanket out of cocktail weenies and crescent rolls.

Veggie Skewers


A lot of kids don’t like to eat their vegetables, but we think that’s about to change, due to the cuteness of this adorable Veggie Garden, which is just baby veggies stuck on wooden kebab skewers, with a little leftover Easter grass for color.

Ants on Logs

Another fun and healthy treat to try is also a true classic: ants on a log!

Lollipop Bucket

This Lollipop kit, which comes with candy and stickers, can be displayed as something extra special, with a blue bucket, a red bandana, and a little green tulle.


These darling cupcakes are as delicious as they are adorable. The sheep are fashioned from mini-marshmallows, with Sixlet candies for the eyes and nose, and the pigs are mostly pink frosting, with pink marshmallows for the snout and ears.  Then we wrapped them all up in these reversible bandana cupcake wrappers.


What’s a party without a pinata?  It’s a whole lot less fun, that’s what it is. Get this awesome Farm Tractor pinata kit and let your guests have a whack at it!

Cardboard Standup Pose

This three foot tall tractor cardboard stand-up is perfect for future farmers to pose next to, so they can see how they’ll look one day, standing next to a real tractor!

We decide to forgo the standard cone party hats, and instead gave our guests these paper Farm Tractor “trucker” hats, guaranteed to keep the sun out of their eyes while they’re tending to the crops.

Watermelon Kids

At the end of the day, our little guys loved their Farm Tractor party, and we know yours will too!

Click here to browse all of the supplies in the exclusive new Farm Tractor theme at!

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