DIY Caillou Birthday Party

Caillou, that adorable Canadian kid with the bald head and the big heart, is as popular as ever with kids, and it’s no different with your little one. Caillou is so adept at playing pretend, he’s actually been nicknamed “The Prince of Imagination.”  If your child likes to dream big too, consider throwing them a Caillou birthday party.

Caillou Party Set-Up


And to add a little personal touch to the decorations, you might want to try out some of the great DIY kits that we have at BirthdayExpress, sure to put your stamp on your little one’s special day!



DIY Caillou Tissue and Fluff Wall Decorations


Caillou DIY 1

The Caillou cartoon is nothing if not colorful. Deck out your living room in an assortment of red, green and blue fluffy decorations and white and green circle fan decorations, to give the party decor a little extra texture.

DIY Yellow and Red Treats Decor


caillou_diy close ups

To give all the little party guests a special tasty treat, we include red white and yellow Sixlet candies, buckets in which to place them, and a selection of giant lollipops to “sweeten” the deal!

DIY Fill Your Own Treats Decor

Caillou DIY 3

A classic staple of birthday parties for the past hundred years or so, paper cone hats are a must have at any festivity. But to give them a new spin, we turned them upside down–literally–and made them into modes of conveyance for your favorite party snack. We used popcorn in the photo, but you could go with chips, pretzels, peanuts, candy, or even salt-water taffy!

DIY Colorful Balloon Arch

Caillou DIY 5


This Colorful Balloon Arch is simply that.  The kit comes with a total of 58 balloons, in four different colors, and an arch to attach them to.  Set it up on a table or in doorway to facillitate dramatic entrances and exits all party long!


Now take a gander at how you can combine the decor kits to create an overall look.

Caillou DIY 2

Caillou DIY 6


 Have we inspired you to go the extra mile and add a little DIY touch to your child’s Caillou birthday party?
What kind of party theme should we feature next?
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