Daniel Tiger Party

A lot of us grew up watching Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood when we were little. A kinder, gentler man you’ll never find on TV, or maybe anywhere in the world, and for many, it was truly a tragedy when he passed away twelve years ago. But his spirit lives on in the new PBS Kids Show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

Click here to see an alternate design for a Daniel Tiger party, from Jenny Dixon of Craft That Party!

The show takes place in the Land of Make Believe (yes, the same Land of Make Believe from Mister Roger’s Neighborhood) and the main characters are all the children of our favorite characters from back in the day.  There’s Katerina Kittykat (daughter of Henrietta Pussycat), Prince Wednesday (youngest son of King Friday and baby brother of Prince Tuesday), O the Owl (Nephew of X the Owl), and of course Daniel Tiger (son and namesake of the original Daniel Striped Tiger).

Kids love this new show, and it’s quickly becoming a hugely popular party theme. Fortunately, BirthdayExpress has everything you need to throw your little one a tiger-riffic party for all the little Ugga Muggas in YOUR neighborhood!

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood LS_ (13)

Our Daniel Tiger tableware is completely cute and fantastically festive. Get everything you need in our Express Value Party Pack.


Decorate your party table with this gorgeous Daniel Tiger plastic tablecover, featuring all of your child’s favorite characters.

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood LS_ (9)

The decorations for our party are anchored by this beautiful personalized vinyl Birthday Banner! Everything else fits in perfectly.

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood LS_ (8)

We’ll start with these delightful DIY paper lanterns made up to look like Daniel Tiger, Katerina KittyKat and O the Owl. They’re made with shapes cut out of scrapbook paper, googly eyes, pipe cleaners for the whiskers and markers for the mouths and eyebrows. This is a project that can be tackled with the help of the birthday boy or girl.

Balloon Collage

If you’re looking for balloons for your party, we’ve got you covered there too. You can get either our Balloon Bouquet, or a pack of latex character balloons.

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood LS_ (16)These little caboose souvenir drink cups make for pretty accurate Magic Trolleys too, and they can also double as a wonderful party favor!

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood LS_ (4)

This cake topper set adorns our chocolate cake, with vanilla icing, frosting trees and fondant letters.

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood LS_ (10)

We dressed up these cupcakes with red polka dot wrappers, as well as these darling little cupcake rings.

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood LS_ (5)

These schoolhouse-shaped cheese sandwiches are made with a cookie cutter.

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood LS_ (2)

Smiley Face Bananas Wearing Party Hats. Need we say more? All you need to achieve this look (besides, you know, bananas) is a brown marker and some scrapbook paper.

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood LS_ (1)

This healthy vegetables platter has cucumber slices, celery and carrot sticks, and something extra special — a Magic Trolley made out of colorful veggies!

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood Pinata

Everyone knows that a party without a piñata just isn’t a real party at all! Well, don’t worry. We’ve got one that’s absolutely “grrr-iffic!”

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood LS_Matching Game (1)

This “nifty galifty” matching game is always a big hit with all the little guests!

Decals 2

These amazing removable Daniel Tiger wall decals are great temporary decorations for the party, plus they make great permanent decorations for the birthday kid’s bedroom after the big day is over.

Finger Puppets

These little paper finger puppets are available exclusively from BirthdayExpress, and you can get them for free! Just click HERE.

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood LS_kids (1)

This ADORABLE Daniel Tiger costume (available from our sister site, CostumeExpress.com) is the perfect final touch to the big day.

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood LS_stand up (1)

But if you want to go with a serious WOW Factor for your Daniel Tiger party, try this Magic Trolley cardboard stand-up photo prop. Every kid loves posing for pictures!

Favor Box

Finally, send home the guests from the party with one of these super cute pre-filled Daniel Tiger party favor boxes. They’re shaped like little trolleys!

What a grrr-eat way to end a purrrrfect day!


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