Construction Pals Birthday Party

Dump trucks, caution signs, traffic cones – we covered the basics of a construction-themed birthday party, then added extras to bring the work zone to life. A mixture of store-bought products and quick creative touches make the theme practical for parents on-the-go to achieve.

Keep on reading to see our new DIY construction party ideas along with some all-time favorites!

D.I.Y. Construction Pals Cake Decorations

Let’s start with the cake – it’s everybody’s favorite part, right? Creating the right birthday cake is one of the most important parts of any birthday party theme, and a few easy enhancements turn an ordinary chocolate cake into a construction-themed confection of perfection!

construction birthday cake idea

Sorry, the cake itself isn’t included. We tried putting some in the mail the other day, but it just got too messy. All the supplies you need to decorate a birthday cake just like ours are included in this kit, though!

With your cake set up on a platter or cake stand, measure and cut a length of Construction Pals grosgrain ribbon that will fit around the circumference of the cake. Tape the end of the ribbon to itself to ensure that it stays in place.

Set up a tiny toy dump truck on the cake to serve as a cake topper, and scatter pieces of chocolate rock candy around the cake so it looks like it’s being poured from the truck bed.  If you can’t find this kind of candy, any kind of chocolate candies will do. Load up the dump truck with M&Ms, Sixlets, chocolate chips, crushed up cookies, or mini peanut butter cups. Here’s another version of this cake we created that uses pieces of candy bars:


As long as it tastes good, that’s really all that matters! You can also try adapting this idea to make Construction Pals cupcakes – just tie a bow of the same patterned ribbon around some wrapped cupcakes, and top with your child’s favorite topping.

Finish your decorating by placing some molded construction cone candles around the base of the cake, and filling in the spaces with more candy or cookie pieces.  These candles look so cute that you might just want to save them and light some regular birthday candles for the top of the cake! Green grass tissue mats can also be used around the base of your cake stand.


D.I.Y. Construction Pals Table Decorations

The cake looks great, but here’s how to style the rest of your table to match.

Food Table Decorations

construction party ideas signs table

This DIY decorating kit includes enough construction party supplies for eight place settings as well as materials for making some cute snack table signs.

For the table settings, simply fold a paper napkin into thirds, vertically, and crease it well. Slip some plastic silverware inside, and secure the pouch with a bow of ribbon. To display them, place them into a yellow mini metal bucket and add some grosgrain ribbon.

Construction cone cups can be used as bases to display mini traffic signs and chalkboard cutouts.  Write your own messages on the chalkboard signs and use skewers or straws (not included in kit) to stand them up inside the cups. Arrange everything on faux grass.

More Table Decorations

construction party ideas table decorations

This cute Construction Pals centerpiece is super easy to build right out of the box, and can also be used to hold popcorn, potato chips, or other party snacks. Place the centerpiece on top of some tissue paper grass, and use a length of caution tape as a table runner. Caution tape can also be used as a substitute for crepe paper, or hung from the edges of the table.

Chalkboard placemats are a great addition to this party theme, because every child can draw on them to create their own design! Get them along with the rest of these decorations in this kit.


D.I.Y. Construction Pals Wall Decorations

Build the best backdrop ever for your child’s construction party with this DIY project!

construction signs party ideas

Everything you’ll need to create this party decoration is included in this kit. Start decorating your wall with these fun cardboard traffic and construction signs – they look just like the real thing! Arrange them in a grid like we’ve done, or create another pattern that works with your party space.

Next, add some orange and yellow crepe paper in between and around the sign decorations. Use the classic twisting technique, by first taping the end of a roll of crepe to the wall and twisting it as you unroll before securing the other end.

Blow up some orange and black balloons and tape them to the wall as well, above the other decorations. Finish by cutting and curling a few bunches of curling ribbon to hang between the balloons.


More Construction Party Ideas

Construction Pals Birthday Party

Our take on the Construction Pals birthday party demonstrates creative ways to accent the party supplies in our Party Pack and maximize visual appeal. Road Crew cutouts make a colorful – and easy – backdrop to the dining table, while “Work Zone” vests and matching hard hats double as decor. A runner of faux lawn runs along the length of the floor beneath the table for an extra touch of color and texture.

Party Decorations


We opted for a runner made of “Caution” tape in lieu of a full table covering, allowing the rustic feel of the plywood table to contribute to the theme.


A Styrofoam block wrapped in faux grass adds height to a Construction Pals centerpiece filled with store-bought snack mix.

Orange activity placemats make a bright contrast to themed dinner plates as well as cups with striped straws accented with Construction Pals stickers. Candy-filled “tools” and take-home cone cups make great keepsakes for kids.


For an alternative place setting, we teamed placemats cut from a roll of faux grass with cone cupsprinted napkinsorange utensils, and solid yellow dinner plates, then topped the tableaux with favor boxes-turned-lunch pails.


Solid utensils get upgraded to decor when wrapped in printed napkins tied with curling ribbon and arranged in a wooden toolbox.

Party Food Ideas


Our food-table set-up was fairly simple to do. We paved a table with faux grass from a roll and added cone cups, toy trucks, and food gussied up with “Construction Zone” tape. The backdrop was fashioned from traffic signs, reflectors, and sign cutouts attached to the wall with painter’s tape.

Cake + Ice Cream + Drink

You’ve already seen our adorable and easy to make construction Birthday Cake, but store-bought ice cream sandwiches are just as simple to dress up and display, and any drink falls instantly into theme when served in a cone cup.


Meal and Snack Ideas


If your party falls during lunchtime, simply add our super-easy baked-potato bar as a meal. Add some snacks, too, if you like: When decoratively displayed, they’ll make great contributions to the theme!

  • Fill a toy dump truck with fresh green grapes
  • Wrap mini “Construction Zone” ribbon around a clear glass container and fill with pretzel sticks, adding a candy-filled toy hammer to the edge
  • Fill a glass trifle bowl with potato chips and wind with mini “Construction Zone” ribbon, adding silver golf tees as “nail” accents

Ideas for Party Activities

Hammer TimeConstruction-Activity-1

Immerse your guests in the construction theme with our child-friendly Hammer Time activity that encourages motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Simply spray paint wooden golf tees to make “nails” and wrap Styrofoam blocks in wood-grain contact paper to create blocks of “wood.” Protect a table with our grass-themed table cover before handing out candy-filled hammers pulled from the favor display. Guests can hammer away to their hearts’ content, even if they’re too young to get the MC Hammer reference.


Demolition Man

Let guests use their throwing arms for this fun tabletop activity. Slice the tops of several construction cones with an X-Acto knife to create stands for traffic signs. Mix up the heights with a riser or two (we used a foam block wrapped in faux grass) and arrange on a table covered in a sturdy tablecloth adorned with “Caution” tape. Kids try to knock down signs from a distance with our light, pliable Splat Rocks that are safe to use indoors.

Party Favor Ideas


Metal chairs prop up take-home favors of kid-size construction vests and hard hats that can be worn throughout the party.


Tiny tool belts make the perfect carry cases for favors displaced from favor boxes utilized for lunch.



A few extra details can take our classic Construction Pals party invitation to an even higher level of fun. We taped “Construction Zone” ribbon plus a “Party Under Construction” printed on a home computer. A Construction Pals sticker seals the deal (and the envelope).

Prefer to send your invite electronically? Use this construction-themed Evite invitation for your party!


Have we inspired you to build a construction birthday party theme for your child’s next big day? What kind of party ideas and themes should we show off next? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, let us know! Find us on Facebook and on Twitter @BirthdayExpress to share your thoughts. Check out our Pinterest boards for more party ideas, too.

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