Candyland Party by Courtney Byrne

Hi fellow party planners! I’m Courtney Byrne from The Chirping Moms and I am one of the featured stylists for the Birthday Express Ideas Blog. I’ll be here about twice a month, sharing some of my favorite party themes from Birthday Express along with fun party activities, food and planning tips! 

BirthdayExpress now has fun, festive decor to go along with everyone’s favorite family board game: Candy Land. My kids love playing Candy Land and we decided to take the classic board game outdoors, for a fun morning with friends. It was a blast! The party included bright colors, games and of course, lots of candy.

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Lollipop Tree Centerpiece



How To: Start with a flower pot and place something heavy inside to weigh it down. Next place a large styrofoam ball inside the pot. Then you are ready to cover the tree in lollipops by sticking the entire lollipop stick into the styrofoam until the whole styrofoam ball is covered.



The table was set with a roll of red and white zig zag wrapping paper (instead of a table cloth). Then I used our Candy Land game board as decor on the table. We used coordinating Candy Land paper products from BirthdayExpress to complete the look.

We set up a candy bar that was cute for Candyland party decor and then it doubled as how the kids put together their own favors at the end.



We used colored paper and tape to make our own Candy Land path along our fence.



Cartons of popcorn



Rainbow Pudding Jars 



Ingredients: 4 boxes Instant vanilla pudding mix, milk and food coloring. Extras: small glass jar so you can see the colors and wooden spoon.



Directions: Mix the boxes of pudding mix 1 at a time according to directions. When adding in the milk, also add in a few drops of food coloring. Pour at the bottom of a clear cup of jar. Let cool for about 5 min in the refrigerator. Repeat the same step 3 more times with different colors.



Rainbow Marshmallow Pops



Ingredients: paper straws, marshmallows, chocolate to melt, sprinkles

Directions: Stick the paper straws into the marshmallows. Melt the chocolate. Then holding the paper straw, dip the marshmallow halfway into the melted chocolate. Let any excess chocolate drip off and then dip into the rainbow sprinkles.


We had a number of Candy Land themed activities that went along  with the characters on the game board. Then, when guests completed all of the activities and made it to the “castle” they could fill their favor box at the “Castle Candy Bar”.




We had tons of fun candy as well as Candy Land stickers and bounce balls, all from BirthdayExpress.



The activities leading up to the Castle Candy Bar included:

Lollipop Toss



Gumball Guessing Game

Candyland gumboil game


Gumdrop Wands


Gumdrop Wands

Make Your Own Chocolate:

Candyland chocolate making


For this, I got plastic chocolate molds and colorful chocolate at a local candy shop. I melted the chocolate and let the kids fill the molds using spoons. This was a messy, but fun activity.

This party was a ton of fun and all the kids enjoyed this sweet Candy Land adventure!



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