Camo Army Soldier Party

We all owe a debt to the US Armed Forces.  They fight for our freedoms and keep our nation safe.  Whether you’ve served yourself or have a loved one who’s a veteran or currently in the military, or even if you just have a strong admiration for our brave men and women in uniform, your love of country has certainly rubbed off on your child. And with Memorial Day here and the 4th of July on the way, what better time to throw a military themed birthday party for your budding G.I. Joe–or Jane! We’re definitely equal opportunity partiers here at BirthdayExpress, and with our brand new Camo Army Soldier Party theme, we’re locked and loaded and ready for action, just like your little general!

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Camo Army Soldier Party Tableware

Army Soldier_LS (7)

To get this look for your party, augment the camouflage in our Camo Army Soldier design with patriotic red, white and blue solid color party supplies. Start off with our blue plastic tablecover, and add fish netting for texture.Army Express Value Pack

Get plates, napkins and cups that match the theme, plus a lot more in our Express Value pack!

Army Soldier_LS (8)

Everything ties together nicely, and you get to decide how much red white and blue to add! Do you want the colors of your decoration to really pop, or are you going for something more understated? Regardless of your tastes, we’ve got everything you need to set the base theme for your Camo Army Soldier party just the way you like it.

Camo Army Soldier Party Decorations & Activities

Army Soldier_Banner Fort_LS (2)

When devising a decoration scheme, consider starting with one of our awesome, super-durable vinyl personalized birthday banners. You can add a personal message and/or a photo of your child, celebrating their special day with a decoration made just for them.

Or you can add a classic triangle flag banner that totally “blends in” with your Camo party decorations.

Camo Flag Banner

For a DIY approach, consider calling in the airborne division:

Army Soldier_LS (31)

Heads up! These paratroopers are dropping in on the fun! The party guests will love these decorations, and they’re a snap to make.  Just get some simple green paper lanterns and turn them into parachutes by taking a small length of twine and attaching classic plastic green army men.

Army Soldier_LS (29)

Here’s a closer look.  You can really see here how easy these are to assemble. Just loop a piece of twine over the paper lantern’s cross bar, and hot glue it to the plastic figurine.


Balloon Bouquet

It’s not a party without balloons!  Our Camo Army Soldier balloon bouquet takes a spin on the classic design of old glory and brings a heavy dose of patriotism to the festvities.

Tank Stand-up

To really bring the WOW! factor to the party, get this huge cardboard stand-up and let all the new recruits at the party pose for a photo saluting next to a US Army Tank!


Army Soldier_LS (11)

And speaking of tanks, check out this awesome tank piñata! Its armor can stand up to withering small-arms fire and even a direct hit from a rocket-propelled-grenade, but if you hit it with a stick just right, it’ll break open to reveal all the goodies inside.  Or if that tank’s not your cup of tea, check out these other military themed piñatas we have available.


That’s a different tank piñata–this one of the pull-string variety–and an Army soldier piñata, reporting for duty!

Camo Army Soldier Party Favors and Dress-Up

Army Soldier_LS (28)

These faux first aid kits are perfect favor boxes, and you can get them either empty or pre-filled with fun toys.  If you decide to add your own selection of favors, we have a few suggestions:


Here we have a selection of military squirt toys, a mini-canteen, a sheet of stickers and a pair of camo sweatbands, any of which are sure to put a smile on the faces of all the party guests.

And how about these super-fun paratrooper toys?

Army Paratrooper

For a fun party game, if you’ve got a high place available at the party location, like a tree house or an outdoor second floor balcony, try laying down a target (painted on an old sheet) and seeing which party guest can get their plastic paratrooper closest to the bulls-eye! Winner gets promoted to Staff Sergeant.

Now, if you really want to add the perfect píece de résistance to your kid’s party, get your little soldier a suitable uniform! 

Camo Vest

Add this camo combat vest to any party attire and instantly help the birthday boy or girl earn a couple extra stripes.

Camo Helmet

This camo helmet is required headgear for any water balloon fight.

And if you want to go all out with a full uniform, check these out!

Armed Forces Costumes

From a Delta Force Operative to an Air Force Fighter Pilot to our brand new US Army Ranger outfit, our full military costumes are the next best thing to boot camp!


Adventure back pack

Ask any soldier and they’ll tell you they’re nothing without the right gear.  Get your little sarge fully equipped with this Army Ranger Adventure back pack set.


Camo Foam Gun


And just for fun, consider arming them with this foam toy rifle, modeled after the real weapons our armed forces use on the battlefield.

Camo Army Soldier Party Food & Snack Ideas

Army Soldier_LS (9)

When filling out the menu for your military party, stay away from the dehydrated MREs (Meals Ready to Eat)–unless you’re going for the full authentic experience. Instead, why not try some of these tasty ideas and recipes?


Army Soldier_LS (12)

These are just regular red, white and blue frosted cupcakes, dressed up with improvised plastic army man cake toppers and displayed using the play-set’s plastic bunker fortifications.  That looks like one delicious foxhole!

Army Soldier_LS (10)

These are just regular juiceboxes, covered in blue wrapping paper to make them more like walkie talkies, complete with aluminum foil “antenna straws” and construction paper cut out and stippled to create ear and mouth pieces. We also carry wrapping paper in camouflage, too!

Army Soldier_LS (16)

It’s amazing how a little ingenuity can take something as simple and classic as a PB & J on whole wheat and make it really special.  These are just cut in half, wrapped in brown napkins, tied up with twine, and labeled with tags made out of brown craft paper and our great Camo Army Soldier stickers.

Army Soldier_LS (13)

Just adding dog tags to anything really punches up the military feel.  We personalized each of these mini-milk-bottles with the guests’ names.  We found the little metal carrier at a local treasure trove … whoops, we mean “thrift store!” See what great military-style accents you can find near you at flea markets, second-hand stores or garage sales. You might be surprised!

Army Soldier_LS (30)

For this camouflage popcorn, we just used caramel corn, plain buttered popcorn and the green popcorn from this recipe.  The kids loved it and it really matched the theme perfectly.

We hope we’ve given you the tools and the blueprint.  Now it’s up to you to turn your home into a forward operating base that General Patton himself would be proud of!

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