Bubble Guppies

Jump into a watery world of fun and laughter with Bubble Guppies! Molly, Gil, and their fish-tailed classmates love swimming within swaying kelp forests, fantastical coral reefs, and undersea gardens. So, put on your water-wings, and set up your next party with Bubble Guppies! You’ll be o-fish-ally the coolest party around. Find an ocean full of fantastic fun, games, decorations and awesome goodies for your little guppy at BirthdayExpress.com.

Serving solid color candies like white shimmer gumballs and powder blue sixlets in fancy glass apothecary jars is a great way to liven up any party setting! Not only do these candies go great with the Bubble Guppies color scheme, but the shapes of the jars bring another level of fun, too. Tropical fish lollipops and colored rock candy displayed in glasses round out our sweet spread.

Bubble Guppies party supplies at Birthday Express.

There are plenty of easy ways to enhance your Bubble Guppies table settings. Use twine, or any sort of yarn or cord, to affix colored stripy straws to each guest’s juice bottle. Any other sort of cup will do just fine for this, too, even plastic sippy cups for the little ones! Real seashells and starfish alongside plush goldfishes work to tie together the nautical theme, and fish netting turns a plain blue table cover into something special.

Bubble Guppies party supplies at Birthday Express.

Speaking of decorations, there’s no better way to set the Bubble Guppies stage than with a giant submarine stand-in scene! The kids can all pose with it and pretend they’re the pilot – a super-cute photo-op and souvenir for the parents! After the party’s over, the sub makes a great addition to any play room.

Some more fish netting in the background really makes it pop, and is that green crepe paper or seaweed adorning the walls?

Bubble Guppies party supplies at Birthday Express.

This crab squirt toy looks right at home at the Bubble Guppies party – add him on top of some blue acrylic aquarium crystals and make him part of the décor, or swap that for big chunks of rock candy and make him part of the treat table! Either way, he makes an adorable take-home party favor. So do the sea life pop-up toys on top of our soda bottles: along with the green ribbons wrapped around the middle, they create a cutesy and crafty handmade feel!

Bubble Guppies party supplies at Birthday Express.

We’ve created some fun marshmallow pops and clam cookies for our Bubble Guppies theme. Blue marshmallows dipped in frosting and again in brown sugar create the “ocean” with “sand” at the bottom, and Goldfish Grahams are held on by icing as well.  An orange striped straw is used as a sweet serving stick!

For the clams, simply put some pink decorators icing between two thin sugar cookies and add a white sixlet candy to be the “pearl”!

Bubble Guppies party supplies at Birthday Express.

This undersea life ring toss game makes a great Bubble Guppies party activity for kids of all ages! Find out who can score the most points – the winner can take a home a special Bubble Guppies party favor box!


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