Birthday on a Budget

For a lot of us, money can be tight sometimes.  But we all still want our kids to have a birthday party that they’ll remember for years to come.  At BirthdayExpress, we understand how much you love your child and we want you to be able throw them a fantastic party — without breaking the bank.  So take a peek at some of the ways you can build a birthday on a budget and get a lot of party for just a little bit of money.

Express Value Packs

Party Packs – Starting at $9.97

Party Pack Montage

Our Value Party Packs come with plates, cups, and napkins, as well as color-coordinated cutlery and a matching tablecover. Plus get invitations, streamers, a dozen latex balloons, two rolls of curling ribbon and a set of candles. That’s 108 pieces, enough for 8 people to party, all for around 15 dollars or less!

Snack Packs – Starting at $6.97

Snack Pack Montage

These snack packs are great for impromptu play dates, small gatherings, or whenever you want to make a lunch of grilled cheese and lemonade into a special occasion. Get small plates, cups, napkins and plastic silverware, enough for eight people, for just seven dollars. These are great to have around the house just in case you find yourself surrounded by some hungry little houseguests you weren’t prepared for.

Balloon Bouquets – Starting at $11.97

Balloon Bouquets

Our balloon bouquets give you the most balloon bang for your buck. Each bouquet is different, depending on the theme, but most feature at least three foil balloons, six latex balloons, two rolls of curling ribbon and a balloon weight to keep your balloons from flying away.  About the only thing not included in these bouquets is a helium tank — but we offer those here too!


Heavy Duty Vinyl Banners – Starting at $14.99

Giant Montage 1

Our amazingly durable high-quality vinyl banners start at only $14.99 and make for a great focal point for your party decorations. Plus, have your party guests sign the banner and keep it as a wonderful memento of your little one’s special day!

Click here to read more about the hundreds of totally personalizable almost indestructible vinyl banners available from BirthdayExpress!

Favor Boxes & Buckets – Starting at $4.99

When the party’s over, send your guests home happy with some our fun, pre-packaged favor boxes.  No more scouring the dollar store for trinkets that fit the theme of your child’s party. Each comes with an assortment of theme appropriate toys and treats, and some of the boxes are quite clever.

Favor Box Specials

For example, here you can see a pirate treasure chest, a princess tea cup, a fire engine and a designer purse that’s fit for a true diva. All of these start at just five dollars, so you can send each of your guests home with something they love.

Now if you want to go the extra mile with your party favors, check out these fantastic favor buckets…

Favor Bucket Montage

These buckets not only come with even more fun stuff, but the buckets themselves are also great keepsakes. They’re perfect for trick or treating on Halloween, too! Each of these start at ten dollars.

Candy Buffet – Items starting at $0.99

If you’re looking for something sweet to add extra fun flavor to the party, look no further than a color-coordinated candy buffet!

Candy Buffet Montage

Or if you prefer, you could mix and match until you have a veritable rainbow of delicious party treats!


The components for these yummy candy buffets start at $0.99, so you can put together a spread as beautiful as it is tasty, all for a price that’s within your budget!

Click here to see all the sweet stuff available at BirthdayExpress!

Cupcake Kits – Starting at $7.99

Speaking of sweet stuff, why not forgo the usual sheet cake and party favors, and instead send your guests home with a tasty treat in a super-cute box?

Cupcake Boxes

Each cupcake kit comes with eight boxes and 12 cupcake wrappers for around eight dollars. Cupcakes sold (or baked!) separately.

Oh, the possibilities…


Now here’s where we can give you a look at what you can get when you’re throwing a party on a budget.

Let’s say your son is turning eight this year, and really wants a Batman party, but there have been unforeseen expenses recently, and money is tight right now.

Batman Party

Tell him he can invite his seven closest pals. You can get this party pack with table settings for eight, plus you can decorate with this awesome balloon bouquet, all for a little over 25 dollars!

Or maybe your daughter is turning 10, and she wants to have a more sophisticated party this year, a Paris-themed party.  It’s one of the most popular party themes right now — totally chic. Get a party pack for eight, a balloon bouquet, and a cupcake kit, all for less than 35 dollars!

Paris Damask Party

And get one pre-filled Paris Damask favor box for each of the seven guests for another total of 35 dollars. Adding a box of cupcake mix still brings the total to less than 75 dollars.


So browse through our site, choose one of our over 300 themes, and get to work creating the party of their dreams, without giving your bank account nightmares!

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