BB-8 Star Wars VII Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens is officially the highest-grossing film of all-time in North America!  With an epic, action-filled story that kids and adults can enjoy together, the movie continued the classic Star Wars trilogy into a new generation of fans.

We think we know the real reason Star Wars VII did so well, though, and its name is BB-8.

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Resistance pilot Poe Dameron’s spherical droid buddy was without a doubt the most adorable thing to come out of The Force Awakens, and, much like his predecessor R2-D2, BB-8 holds a huge piece of his trilogy’s story within.

BB-8 is so cute that we’ve decided to create an entire birthday party theme just for him! If your child can’t get enough of the new Star Wars movie, then these Star Wars party ideas will be perfect for their next birthday.


BB-8 Star Wars Party Supplies and Tableware Ideas


To put together our BB-8 party, we took inspiration from the designs on the droid’s body, and chose colors and patterns of party supplies that match. Orange and white are BB-8’s main colors, so blue and black make the perfect accents.

Specifically, we used orange silverware and cups, blue dessert plates and napkins, and black striped plates to create the look. Orange rock candy sticks match with the color scheme, and they look a little bit like mini Light Sabers, too.


BB-8 Star Wars Party Decorating Ideas


Star Wars Balloon Bouquet

No need for fancy Star Wars balloons to create a beautiful display. Mixing and matching different colors of basic items can build a great look for any theme. We made our BB-8 balloon bouquet out of blue balloons, orange balloons, gray balloons, and star shaped balloons.

Star Wars BB-8 Piñata

This BB-8 Piñata kit looks just like BB-8 from the movie, and comes with candy, toys, and trinkets already included. Break it open with a piñata stick, or pull it apart with the strings on the bottom.

For a Star Wars party, it can also be a great idea to take any round piñata you can find, and hit it with some silver and black spray paint. Then, when the kids burst it open, it’s like the destruction of the Death Star! Or, the Starkiller Base, if you prefer.


Birthday Party Banners and Backdrops

The stars of our party backdrop are the stars themselves, on this amazing birthday banner. It’s printed to look like a gorgeous combination of cosmic nebulas and exploding supernovas, making it the perfect fit for any little space explorers-in-training. A custom birthday message, as well as your child’s name, can be added to it, too.

Then, we added some Star Wars wall decals to the scene as well. This pack in particular includes a giant sticker of BB-8 himself, in high-resolution detail.

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D.I.Y. Birthday Party Centerpieces

Add some BB-8 flair to your party with BB-8 cutouts attached to a blue starburst centerpiece by lengths of curling ribbon. We also added some of these silver paper labels. Use orange and blue markers to write the birthday boy or girl’s name on each one. You can even sprinkle some Star Wars VII confetii around the table, if you like. Teeny tiny BB-8s everywhere!

For our second D.I.Y. centerpiece idea, display a BB-8 themed thank you card in an orange metal bucket, supported by a wooden skewer and some orange, white, and silver gumballs.

You can also go the purely decorative route to complete this craft, in lieu of the sweets . Ping pong balls are a good option, since they’re also readily available in BB-8’s signature colors, as are Star Wars bouncy balls. Or, get creative with tufts of tissue paper and leftover Star Wars gift wrap. If you’re going to be filling the bucket with lighter materials, it’s a good idea to place a piece of floral foam at the bottom first, to anchor the wooden skewer and decoration.


BB-8 Star Wars Party Food Ideas


BB-8 Cake Pops

To make your own BB-8 cake pops, follow your favorite cake pop recipe, but form two cake balls for each pop instead of one. One of them should be a little smaller than the other. By squishing and forming them together, you end up with a shape just like BB-8. Then, once they’re on the stick, decorate with white frosting. Add a dot of black icing or a small chocolate candy for BB-8’s eye, and add a circle of orange icing on top.

BB-8 Cookies

We decorated a batch of ordinary sugar cookies by taking inspiration from the designs on BB-8’s body. Start by frosting the cookies in orange – you can use the same color as the cake pops, if you’re making both. Then, you’ll need some white and blue fondant or sugar paste.

Cut circles of the white fondant that are about a half-inch less in diameter than your cookies, and cut four small square notches out of each one at the 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock positions. Add these shapes on top of the orange frosting, and add smaller circles of blue fondant on top of that. Optionally, you can cut a couple of triangular notches from the blue circles in a similar way.


BB-8 Sandwiches

For lunch time, cut some of your child’s favorite sandwiches into “BB-8” shapes. You might find it easier to cut the bread by itself first, and then assemble the sandwiches afterwards.

To make it easier to cut the figure-eight shapes, lightly press a small round cookie cutter, jar, or small glass into the bread to make two intersecting circles. Don’t go all the through – you just want to make some visible guidelines, which you’ll cut out with a knife. If you use two circles of different sizes, you can cut your sandwiches into the shape of BB-8’s silhouette instead.

BB-8 Snacks

Oranges are a great snack idea for this party theme, too – they look just like BB-8! Cut a few into quarter wedges before serving, or use easy-peeling clementines for an even simpler prep. Best of all, they make for a healthy snack that all the party guests are sure to love.

Also consider serving small cups of other orange snacks, like goldfish crackers or cheese popcorn. Any type of treat can be a BB-8 party snack if it comes in an orange cup.


Star Wars Cupcakes

Instantly transform your child’s favorite cupcakes into Star Wars themed cupcakes with a couple of quick add-ons. First, we placed each of ours in one of these cool blue lightning cupcake wrappers. Not only does the blue and white match with BB-8’s orange colors nicely, but it looks like Star Wars Force Lightning, too.

Okay, you got us. There was no Force Lightning in Episode VII (Sidious and Dooku used it in VI, II, and III – but who’s counting?). That’s why we also topped our cupcakes with some Star Wars VII rings. Each one features characters and scenes inspired by The Force Awakens, including Finn, Rey, Kylo Ren, and of course BB-8.


BB-8 Star Wars Birthday Cake Ideas


Isn’t this the cutest Star Wars cake you’ve ever seen? We’ve covered how to make a BB-8 cake before, but this cake even looks like BB-8, too. It’s almost too adorable to eat, and it’s also really easy to make at home.

Building the BB-8 Cake

Now, you can probably tell just by looking at this birthday cake that a spherical cake pan comes in handy for creating this design, but don’t worry if you don’t have one. You can get by with ordinary round pans just as well, if you don’t mind doing a little bit of cake topiary.

For BB-8’s head, you can use two layers from a 6-inch by 2-inch round pan. For his body, three layers from a 10-by-2. Stack the large layers on the bottom, filling with icing in between, and stack the small layers on top, right in the center.

With a serrated knife, gradually work the hard corners of the layers into round ones, creating BB-8’s spherical shape in the process. A revolving cake decorating stand and an electric carving knife can both be huge helps, but aren’t required.

Decorating the BB-8 Cake

Now for the really fun part! Begin by frosting the entire cake in white icing. Use frosting to fill in any imperfections and smooth out any rough patches that resulted from cutting and sculpting the cake.

Make orange circles of decorator’s frosting on BB-8’s head, and add black circles for his face (do droids have faces?). A couple blue squares on the top of his head make for a nice detail.

On BB-8’s body, draw some crosses inside of circles with orange icing, and make blue dots in their centers. For the finishing touch, add a row of white Sixlets around the base of the cake.


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