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I’m Kim from NewlyWoodwards and I believe that almost any occasion is cause for celebration. I am thrilled to share my most recent gathering for my toddler and his friends – a Superhero Training Camp. This was a fun and unique twist on the typical Halloween trick-or-treating for superhero fans.

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Just because the calendar has flipped to October doesn’t mean your gatherings have to be all about spooky zombies and jack-‘o-lanterns. In our household, we’re gearing up for an Avengers Halloween! Our entire family (even the dogs) is planning to dress up and save the world from evil.

So when it came time to throw a Halloween party for my son and his preschool friends, we decided to turn trick-or-treating on its head.

Almost all of our friends have similar obsessions with superheroes like Captain America, Ironman, Hulk and Spider-Man.  So we devised a morning gathering for a Superhero Training Camp.

One of the fun parts of the party was the kid-friendly food table – full of treats and snacks for the littlest superheroes.


The candy bowls were incredible – Hulk, Spider-Man and Captain America were the focus of the table.


And the drink station was also fun! (Especially with Avengers plastic cups that the kids could take home.)


The red, white and blue punch was a snap to make.

  1. Start by pouring a jug of cranberry juice into a canister
  2. Fill with ice and then carefully pour a large bottle of blue Gatorade on top of the ice.
  3. Finish with more ice and a liter of Sprite Zero. The colors remain separated, even when you pour it.


And lest you think the table was just for looks, the kids were grazing all morning – on Thor hammers (cheese cubes with pretzel sticks), Captain America’s shield (a fruit tray with strawberries, blueberries and marshmallows), and superpowers (veggies).


When kids arrived, they were greeted with their choice of superhero capes – reversible Batman/Superman capes and flash cape gift sets. These gave them the look they needed to complete their missions.


Stations were set up in the backyard – web shooting with silly string, flight training on the trampoline and the Hulk smash, among others.


Each child filled an Avengers favor bucket with treats they earned for each training exercise. (These can also double as trick-or-treat buckets later in the month.)


Instead of the normal Halloween candy, we chose lots of superhero prizes for the kids – the Superhero PEZ dispensers, Spider-Man light sticks and Avengers value packs were favorites.


And to bring a little Halloween touch to the tables for lunch, I used superhero masks and tissue paper capes to decorate pumpkins.


After the kids had saved the world, it was time to take a quick photo to remember the morning. We wrapped the cityscape backdrop around the deck for the perfect photo opportunity. (The backdrop is 30 feet long!)


The kids also had the chance to pick an Avengers mask for photos.


And a full-size Captain America cutout was on-hand.


There were plenty of great outtakes from this superhero squad!


All of the little superheroes talked about the training for days. I think that’s the true sign of a great party! And my favorite little Captain America was beside himself with excitement.


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