6 Ways to Add Style with Quatrefoils

Here’s a fun fact: the design most commonly referred to as a quatrefoil, is actually more accurately called a “barbed quatrefoil,” which, according to Wikipedia (so it must be true), is comprised of quatrefoils “pierced at the angles by the points of an inscribed square.”

What do you mean, “That wasn’t fun at all”? Regardless, our brand new quatrefoil party supplies are stylish enough to make any birthday party more special, and that’s definitely fun for everyone involved.

Each color of quatrefoils on Birthday Express can be used on its own, or in conjunction with an assortment of themed and solid color party supplies. Keep on reading for our quick guide on how to enhance your party with quatrefoil party supplies.


Cherry red quatrefoils are exceptionally vibrant, and can really make a party pop when made the star of the decorations. Red and white balloons and crepe paper are just two classic decorations that are brilliantly enhanced by this design.

Suggested combinations: Super Mario Party Supplies, Little Buccaneer Pirate Party Supplies, Red and White solid color party supplies.


Silver quatrefoils are subdued enough to work well in the background of a birthday tablescape. Cupcakes and other sweet treats can really be given the center of the stage.

Suggested combinations include: Shimmering silver party supplies, Metallic gold party supplies


Pink quatrefoils are fancy and fashionable, and are perfect for little girls who deserve to be treated like divas on their special day.

Suggested combinations include: Disney Princess party supplies, Lalaloopsy party supplies, Hello Kitty party supplies


Lime green quatrefoils are a nice shade for spring, but are just as much fun year-round.

Suggested combinations include: Mustache party supplies, TMNT party supplies,  Dark Green and Pink solid color party supplies


Blue quatrefoils are versatile enough to be used in building just about any sort of party atmosphere. Birthdays are our specialty on Birthday Express, but these make great baby shower party supplies too, if a loved one of yours is having a boy. Depending on the season, you can use these party supplies to help create a Bermuda blue beach party look, or build a blizzard blue scene of ice and snow.

Suggested combinations include: Pool Party Supplies, Frozen Party Supplies, Bubble Guppies Party Supplies, Purple and Dark Blue solid color party supplies


Yellow quatrefoils are sunny and bright, and provide the perfect color scheme for a gender neutral party. For a birthday party for twins of different genders, they’re a great choice.

Suggest combinations include: John Deere Party Supplies, Ponies Party Supplies, Black and Yellow solid color party supplies.

What did you think of our tips and tricks for styling quatrefoils? Are you inspired to craft a custom look for your child’s next birthday party? What kind of party ideas should we come up with next? If you liked these ideas and want to see more like them, let us know! Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, and on Twitter @BirthdayExpress. Be sure to check us out on Pinterest too, where we’re always creating new boards full of party ideas and inspiration.

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