Peppa Pig Party

Peppa Pig is an adorable children’s TV show about Peppa, a young British pig, and her family — there’s Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and baby brother George. Peppa gets into all sorts of little adventures — she splashes in Muddy Puddles, she helps Mummy with the gardening, and she even goes on treasure hunts with Granny and Grandpa pig.

Yes, Peppa is not only cute as a button, this piglet is also a great role model for children. She’s naturally smart and inquisitive, and loves to learn. She always stays positive during her adventures, loves her family and friends, and is always ready to take on the day with a joy can that only be called infectious!

So it’s no wonder  she’s becoming a very popular character with birthday boys and girls of all ages. If your child is on board the Peppa bandwagon, check out all the Peppa Pig party supplies available at

Click here to see how our stylist Brittany Schwaigert designed her own Peppa Pig Party!

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BirthdayExpress has all of the Peppa Pig party supplies you need to deck out your party with plenty of precious piggishness!

Party Pack

Get everything you see above in our Peppa Pig Express Value Party Pack.

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From plates to cups to napkins to this fantastic tablecover, you’ll find everything you need in our customizable Party in a Box.

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These little cutlery packets are made by folding the napkins into thirds and securing the fork and spoon with scrapbook paper. Then we showcased them in this adorable picket fence basket that we picked up at the craft store.  See what you can find to add a little something extra to your Peppa Pig Party!

Every party needs balloons!

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Well, we’ve got this amazingly adorable Peppa Pig Jumbo Foil Balloon!

Balloon Bouquet

Or a perfectly piggy Balloon Bouquet!

And speaking of things that are perfectly piggy …

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We turned one of our simple pink paper lanterns into a Peppa Pig face that will have all the guests oinking with delight! The ears and nose are cut out of scrapbook paper, and we found the googly eyes at the local craft store. We used a hot glue to attach them all to the paper lantern, but you could use some strong double-sided tape instead, if you prefer.

Paper Lanterns

We’ve got all kinds of pinkish paper lanterns for your porcine transformation needs!

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These darling pink gingham favor boxes are filled with great toys and treats, ready for the guests to take home and enjoy. We added the baby blue party hats ourselves. They’re just scrapbook paper and poof balls from the craft store, and the designs are drawn on with a paint marker.

Or you could choose to use these treat bags, which we dressed up with these scalloped labels that we stuck to some scrapbook paper flower shapes. Then we tied it all together with some baby blue curling ribbon.

Peppa Pig LS (8)

And now for the part of the party that all piggies love best — the snacks!
But don’t worry, we’ve got some healthy treats to go along with the sweets.

Peppa Pig LS (13)

Get ready for a cake that’s almost too beautiful to eat!

Peppa Pig LS (10)

The sides are covered in bright blue icing, the color of the sky.  The top of the cake is all in white, to make the clouds.  The rolling hills are made by green Sixlets candies, and the sun and flowers were cut from sheets of fondant. It’s definitely as tasty as it is beautiful, though, so we won’t blame you if you choose to indulge!

Peppa Pig LS (12)

These watermelon pops are healthy and delicious. Simply use a kitchen knife to cut a slit in the outer rind of each slice, then insert an oversize popsicle stick. You can get these at the craft store.

Peppa Pig LS (9)

One thing that Peppa loves to do is splash around in Muddy Puddles! So we decided to made some muddy puddles of our own–they’re just mason jars full of chocolate pudding with some crushed Oreos on top.

Peppa Pig LS (3)

Now these are really special.  Oh, they may start as just run-of-the-mill vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting, but when you add black Sixlets for the eyes, and pink marshmallows for the nose and ears, then they become Peppa Pig cupcakes!

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