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Peppa Pig is such a cute little show! I love when my little guy watches it because the voices of the characters are just so sweet. I love British accents and especially little British accents!

Utterly adorable.

Today I am going to show you how to create your own Peppa Pig party at home! I promise that it’s easy and you can do it using simple products that you can pick up at any craft store.


I based my party on these adorable new Peppa Pig party supplies from Birthday Express. I love the butter yellow, baby pink, and sky blue color scheme!


And Peppa is eating a delicious chocolate cake in the graphics, so I knew I had to incorporate a chocolate cake into my party!



I started my decorations by making my own backdrop using bulletin board paper. For the first layer I used cloud patterned paper, and I cut a green piece to lay over the top as the “hill” where Peppa’s house is located.  Peppa’s house, which is a very simple yellow house with blue windows, was made using a piece of yellow posterboard, which I cut into a simple house shape. I added a brown piece for the roof, a darker yellow piece for the front door, and then simply drew in the windows with a blue chalk marker. The final touch was the antenna, which I drew in with a black marker.


I added a big sun on the other side which was made from craft foam and some yellow tissue festooning.  You can’t mess it up! This is such an easy project! I also added some simple pink and yellow tissue honeycombs on the front of the table.


On top of the table, I added the Peppa Pig tablecover over a regular linen tablecloth. This brings in the theme while also adding some much needed color and pop to the table.

For our menu, I added a few Peppa themed items, such as Peppa sugar cookies …



… Peppa chocolate lollipops …


… and of course, “Muddy Puddles,” or in this case, little glass mugs of chocolate milk!


I love these little mugs so much because they have a screw-on lid so that you can prepare them before the party and just keep them in your fridge.

I also added curly fries, or “pig tails” …


… some store-bought cupcakes that I dressed up with some characters that I printed from an online download …


… and of course the chocolate cake!


I made this chocolate cake to look like the one in the graphics, complete with sprinkles. I added some pink gumballs around the base and then added a cute sign that I made by printing out Peppa’s logo from my computer and adding some paper straws with hot glue to the back.

As a fun take-home, Birthday Express makes these cute pink gingham cupcake favor boxes.


They are perfect for your guest to pack up a cupcake and take it home for a midnight snack!


Anything pink is super cute for any pink piggy party!




Have fun playing in your own muddy puddles at your Peppa Pig party!

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 Special thanks to Brittany’s Vendors:

Cookies: JoBees Cookies
Peppa Pops:  Specially Made Bows

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