Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday Party

The 1st birthday party is all about establishing family traditions and memories that last a lifetime. After all, we only turn one once! Since Dr. Seuss stories are beloved by children (and adults!) of all ages, Dr. Seuss makes an amazing theme for a first birthday party.

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Dr. Seuss Party Supplies and Tableware Ideas


When it comes to the plates, napkins, cups, and silverware, combinations of solid color blue and red party supplies were used to craft this party theme. Layering, overlapping, mixing, and matching the colors in different ways is the key. Dr. Seuss party supplies can be added in, too.


Here’s how everything came together to create the party scene. With just a few ordinary plastic tablecovers, you can instantly transform your space into the ultimate Dr. Seuss setting! Embellishments like Dr. Seuss cutouts make for great touches.


Dr. Seuss Party Decorating Ideas


D.I.Y. Dr. Seuss Centerpieces

Cut a couple squares of Dr. Seuss wrapping paper that are about a foot wide each. Place them in the middle of your table cover, turned at a 45-degree angle, and overlap them with each other slightly. Then, a few Dr. Seuss books and colorful bowls of snacks (using goldfish crackers to represent One Fish Two Fish is a great idea!) placed on top creates and easy and instant centerpiece.


Dr. Seuss Party Guestbook

Dr. Seuss books can also be used as a guestbook for the party. Have everyone write a special message to the guest of honor just inside the cover. When they get a little older, the signed book itself will make a wonderful gift!


Truffula Tree Decorations

Truffula Trees are the colorful, fluffy, fuzzy trees from the Lorax. They’re the essential material in the production of Thneeds, and they’re also an essential D.I.Y. Dr. Seuss party decoration.

To make your own, simply use a few pins to attach colorful tissue paper ball decorations to the ends of some pool noodles. Be sure to mix and match with different color combinations.

Then, stand your Truffula Trees up against a wall with the help some of clear tape, or, if your party is outside, you can use zip ties to quickly attach them to fence posts. A few Dr. Seuss paper cutouts were a great way to decorate the spaces in between the trees, too.

Paper Lanterns and Hanging Decorations

These decorations are a great way to liven up any party setting, indoors or out, and the red, white, and blue colors go with the Dr. Seuss theme of this party wonderfully.

Paper lanterns, twirlers, and crepe paper all came together to build this unique look. Feel more than free to mix in your own favorites like balloons and banners, too!


First Birthday Photo Banner

A pennant banner can be a fun and creative way to display photos of the birthday boy or girl on their first birthday. All it takes is a paper pennant banner – a red one or a blue one looks great with a Seuss theme, naturally – and some printed photos of your child.

Mat each photo on a coordinating color of construction paper, and then add them to the pennants. Each flag on this banner is about 7½ inches wide, so a 4-by-6 is just the right print size to use. You want to be able to have the pennants as visible backdrops for each photo.


Dr. Seuss Themed Party Food Ideas


Lunch Ideas

First birthday parties are often a big event for the whole family, so serving lunch is definitely an option. Use table tents to label each item with a special Seuss-ified name to fit the theme – easy D.I.Y. table tents can be made with Dr. Seuss stickers, printable sticky labels, and colored index cards or cardstock.


The number of ideas that you can come up with for your party is as endless as the world of Dr. Seuss, but here are a couple of quick ones, just to get started:

  • Sally Spingel-Spungel-Sporn Strawberry Spinach Salad: She’s the news reporter from The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, and her name makes a perfect for moniker for any salad or “S” dish.
  • Sam-I-Am’s Green Deviled Eggs: With a little blue food coloring, an easy party food classic becomes instantly Seuss-themed.
  • Poodles Eating Noodles: This line from Fox in Socks can be used to label noodle salad, mac and cheese, or any kind of pasta dish.
  • Sam I Am Ham, Toadstool Turkey, and Roast Beast sandwiches: All stupendously Seussical names for deli meats!


Thing 1 and Thing 2 Cupcakes

Thing 1 and Thing 2, the Cat in the Hat’s mischievous friends, are the inspiration for this Dr. Seuss cupcake idea. Making your own is super easy, too. Simply decorate your favorite flavor of cupcakes with some blue frosting. While piping, use a decorative tip and, keeping it nearly vertical, go up and down in short strokes to create a spiky look, just like Thing 1 and Thing 2’s tufts of fuzzy blue hair.

Once the cupcakes are decorated, place them in red cupcake wrappers, and use circles of white paper to label some “Thing 1” and others “Thing 2.” You can even use this as a fun way to tell apart chocolate and vanilla cupcakes – just let your guests know which is which.


Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake Ideas

A simple white birthday cake was the absolute perfect piece to complete and complement the bright colors of this birthday party. With the Thing 1 and 2 cupcakes arranged around it, it looks even better! Decorate yours with colorful alphabet birthday candles or a Dr. Seuss cake topper to add even more Seuss flair. Other suggestions for add-ons include red or blue candies or sprinkles.


Of course, the guest of honor has to have a smash cake too – the more colorful the cake, the cuter the photo. This color-swirl cake was created by separately coloring white cake batter in five different bowls, then mixing and swirling the colors together in the cake pan before baking.



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