Blue’s Clues Party

Everyone knows about Blue’s Clues. It’s the educational TV show aimed at preschoolers that features a very helpful cartoon dog named (and colored) Blue! Somehow, though, it doesn’t seem that the show has been around for 20 years.  Maybe it’s true what they say: Learning never goes out of style.

Our personalized collection of Blue’s Clues Party Supplies is perfect for making your little one feel extra special on their special day.

Blue's Clues POD LS (15)

From personalized plates, to personalized centerpieces and favor boxes, you can put your child’s photo on the party supplies and put a smile on your child’s face.


Centerpiece and Favor Box

Plus you can get personalized invites and Thank You Notes, too!


Now that you’ve got your personalized supplies, here are some ideas to turn your child’s birthday into something really special.

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These bone shaped water bottles act as drink cups for milk or juice, and also double as awesome party favors that the guests can take home as a fun keepsake.

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You can make a super cute puppy paper lantern decoration using one of these blue spheres, some googly eyes and a few pieces of scrapbook paper from your local craft store.  Attach the eyes, ears and nose with hot glue or even strong tape.

Blue's Clues POD LS (7)

This DIY favor bucket is made with construction paper for the eyes and smiling mouth, as well as the strips of confetti inside.

Pre-Edited 4

When selecting items for your Blue’s Clues party menu, a great idea for a tasty themed snack is a great big batch of Puppy Chow!
Here’s a great recipe that’s sure to be a big hit with all the little pups on the guest list.

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This cake (blue, obviously!) has been dusted with rainbow-colored, star-shaped sprinkles and topped with colorful pinwheels.

Pre-Edited 3

These little storebought cookies are dressed up with frosting letters to resemble children’s building blocks. Then we used them as cupcake toppers, with red polka-dot wrappers, too.

Pre-Edited 5

And finally, if you’re looking for some fare that’s a bit more on the healthy side, how about a little veggie platter and some wheat PB&J sandwiches made with a puppy-shaped cookie cutter?

Have we inspired you to throw the perfect personalized Blue’s Clues Party?
Which theme should we feature next?
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