Arya’s Pink First Birthday Party

We’d like to introduce you to a little cutie named Arya.


Wait for it, she gets even cuter.



She turned one this fall, and for the big day, her mom Heather decided to rent out a room at a local Park District Community Center to host the big party.


The room turned out to be a preschool classroom,  a perfect metaphor for how fast little Arya is growing up.  All that was left was to get all the supplies for the big day from BirthdayExpress!

Now, Arya’s bedroom is decorated almost entirely in pink and polka dots.  It was Heather’s favorite color and pattern as a little girl, and now that she’s all grown up with a daughter of her own, she’s passing her good taste on to Arya (as is every mother’s sacred right).


In keeping with that idea, Heather chose this super cute pink polka dot look for her party, which includes a pink polka dot tablecover, plates and napkins.

The pre-school class room offered many unique amenities, including fun areas for added personalized decorations…



… as well as toys and activities that were a huge hit with the birthday girl! (That’s Auntie Mariel there in the mirror, taking the photo.)

To add a little personalized touch to the decor, Heather opted for a customized 1st birthday banner (pink polka dot of course!) with Arya’s name, a durable keepsake that she’ll treasure forever.


The buffet table is stocked with a wide variety of hot dishes, tasty treats and goodies for all of the guests.


When all of your decorations are pink polka dot (like these plates), it only makes sense to have pink polka dot cupcakes!


So as not to leave out Arya’s cousins, a big pink #1 pinata was on hand for some of the older kids to have a little fun too.  The blowout noisemakers helped out, too.


The gift table is decked out with a pink plastic tablecover, pink streamers and part of a pink polka dot triangle flag banner. The presents included several toys and a closet-full of cute little outfits.


But her favorite thing of all was a box. Because one-year-olds can be like that sometimes, and it’s one of the things that makes them so darn adorable.


Of course, another thing we love about one-year-olds is that they don’t mess around when it comes to eating dinner.  They might make a mess, but they don’t mess around. Spaghetti with meat sauce was on the buffet menu that day, and Arya slurped it up happily, wearing her special 1st birthday bib!

Here’s a little sneak peek at how the set up looked before it was drenched in marinara:

high chair

A simple rule for this party: If it’s not pink with white polka dots, the next best thing is white with pink polka dots. For example, these crepe paper streamers.

There were two cakes for the day’s festivities—one for the birthday girl, and one for everybody else. For the crowd, a chocolate cake with vanilla icing and a photo depicting the cutie of honor.


When someone says about a baby “She is so cute, I could just eat her up!,” we really hope this is what they mean.

Now, for the birthday girl’s smash cake, a pink and white design was befitting the order of the day, as well as a little pink and purple tiara and a sparkly wand.

Cake with Tiara

She wasn’t much interested in the magic wand, but she did give the tiara a shot for a little while (photographic evidence of that in a little bit.)


With the guidance of her proud papa William, daddy’s little girl started out tentatively, but she soon went all in, up to her elbows!


When in doubt, always eat with your elbows.

baby with Tiara

Any true Princess knows that the most elegant method of eating cake is with your elbows.


High Five, little one.  High five.


Mom and Dad are so proud of you, little Arya, and although you might be too young to remember your polka dot pink first birthday party, everyone else in attendance will surely never forget this wonderful day.

 Did Heather inspire you to throw a perfect pink polka dot party for your little one?

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