Photo Help

How do I know if my photo will work?

The clearer the photo, the better it will look on your personalized product. Here are some tips to make sure you have the clearest photo possible:

  • Good Lighting - ideal lighting will be even and will not have harsh shadows or bright "blown-out" areas on the subject or in the background, so make sure photos are taken in a well lit area (if you're outdoors make sure the subject isn't looking directly into the sunlight) or use a flash (while using a flash try to stand 3-4 feet away from the subject).

  • Avoid Action Shots - images taken of subjects moving tend to turn out blurry, so for the best results minimize any motion in a photo.

  • Image Resolution - Make sure your camera's resolution settings are set to a minimum of 4 or 8 megapixels (recommended size: 1500x1500 pixels), the higher the megapixel the better the quality, (no bigger than 4 megabytes). Please refer to your camera's Owner's Manual/Instruction Booklet for more details as each camera may be different.
    Please Note: the larger the image will appear on the product the higher resolution the image needs to be. For example, the image being used for the photo banners needs to have higher resolution.
  • Pick the Right File Type - The best files types for printing are: .jpg, .gif, .tif, .bmp, .wmf, .png, and .emf.

What are some examples of good quality photos?

  • Indoor Photos:

  • Outdoor Photos:

What types of pictures should I avoid using on my personalized party product?

For the best printing results try to stay away from using images that look blurry, grainy, pixilated, dark, low contrast, high contrast, bright or blown-out, overexposed, and have dark or shadowed areas (see below for examples).

  • Blurry Photos - usually caused by too much movement or not enough lighting.

  • Grainy Photos - usually caused by not enough lighting. Please note that some grainy photos may look clear on the monitor. Not sure if your photo is grainy? One way to tell is to zoom in and check main focus areas like the eyes or nose.

  • Dark Photos - usually happens when there isn't enough lighting or a flash wasn't used.

  • Low Contrast Photos - usually caused by too much or not enough light which makes the photo look very dull or flat.

  • High Contrast Photos - usually happens when a photo is either (1) over exposed, (2) is too bright or blown out or (3) is too dark or shadowed areas (see examples below).

  • Over Exposed Photos - usually caused by too much light, looking directly into the sun or being too close to the flash.

  • Bright Photos

  • Dark Shadowed

  • Pixilated Photos - usually happens if the photo resolution is too low. (Helpful tip: the higher the resolution, the less blurry the photo will look).

Can I use a picture that I took from my mobile phone?

Yes you can use a mobile photo; however many mobile phone cameras take lower quality photos that are not ideal for printing. Many mobile phones that have a low megapixel count will produce images that may not print as clearly as you'd like once they are printed on a personalized product. Because of their size and cost, they also often have inferior components to normal cameras such as lower quality lens or poor lowlight abilities, and even though the images may look fine on the small screen of the phone, they come out as lower quality when printed. Checking to see if your mobile phone camera has at least 4 megapixels will help ensure that you will have the image quality necessary for good printing. See your Owner's Manual for details about your mobile phone's camera features.

What else should I know about personalized photo products?

Photos look different on every computer monitor depending on the software and personal settings that computer uses. The same thing applies to our printers. Our print monitors are set to print the file image sent to us as clearly as possible, so keep in mind the way your picture looks on your computer may look slightly different after it's printed (changes in color shading).

Can you edit my photos for me?

No. We make adjustments to our printers so that every product is printed in the highest quality; however we are unable to edit photos for you at this time.