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How do I upload a photo?

Uploading must be done by the customer. Please do not mail or email photos in. For additional "How to" steps, please refer to Step 1 in the personalization process below.

How do I personalize my centerpieces, favor boxes, invitations, photo banners, plates, and thank-you notes?

  1. Select the non-personalized essentials party pack.
  2. Select the personalized items you want.
  3. Select the non-personalized items you want
  4. Click on the Personalize Now button.

Personalization Process
The system will automatically take you through the personalization process for each personalized item you have selected. The process must be completed for each individual personalized item type.

Step 1: Adding an image to the personalized product

You have the choice of:

A: Uploading your own photo

Please Note: uploading must be done by the customer. Please do not mail or e-mail photos.

To upload your own photo look for the text link on the left (+)Upload Photo. A window will appear. Please read the Terms & Conditions text in the window and click the next > button when you are ready to proceed. Please Note: by clicking the next > button, you certify that you have the right to upload and use the image, and your use of the image will not violate or infringe another’s copyright(s), trademark(s), service marks(s), trade secret(s), or any other proprietary rights of any person.

Follow the posted instructions to upload your child’s photo.

The Browse button will allow you to search for the photo on your own computer. Select the image you want, hit open button, then hit next. At this time the system will allow you to edit your image. Available editing options are: zoom, rotate, flip, and resize (crop). When you have completed the editing process hit the finish button.

You may upload a total of 3 images. The uploading/editing process for each image must be done one at a time.


B: Using a stock photo
Select one of the stock images offered by clicking on the image.

How do I know if my photo will work?
Read about how to know if your photo will work for personalized products.

Step 2: Positioning the Image on the Product

You may use the controls provided in the Position Image box, use the the Zoom slide bar to zoom the image in and out, or click on the image and move it to where you want it to be.

Here is a list of the options:

  • Move ^ v > <
  • Zoom in/zoom out
  • Rotate right, rotate left
  • Reset image

The image you are positioning will appear below in the product. Once you have the image how you want it, proceed to step 3. If the product you are personalizing is a graduation product, it will have two image boxes. To edit/upload a second image, click Add/Edit Image B and repeat Steps 1 and 2.

Step 3: Changing Background Colors

If the product you are personalizing is a graduation product, it will have the ability to change background colors. Two boxes will appear next to the Zoom Slider bar that say Primary and Secondary. Click on the down arrows below these boxes to change the background colors of your personalized product.

Step 4: Adding a Personalized Message

  • All products can have 2 lines of text with up to 21 characters each (including spaces). Text can be upper case and/or lowercase and include any characters that appear on a basic keyboard.
  • Select a color
  • Select a font

Each product will offer colors and fonts specific to the design, not all colors or fonts are available for all designs.

Please Note: specialized characters/symbols (like smiley faces and hearts) that are created when using the fonts: Webdings, Windings, Windings 2, or Windings 3 or the Insert Symbol function in Microsoft Word, cannot be used for personalized messages.

Once you have the text, font, and color you want, Click the Continue > button.

Step 5: Proofing

Please check for spelling, grammar, font, and color errors. Once an order is submitted through the checkout process, changes to personalized items cannot be made. Please Note: Products with inappropriate content (text and/or photos) will not be created.

  • If everything is correct, please click yes, add to cart > button.
  • If you need to make changes, click the no, make changes button, and make the necessary edits.
  • After the changes are complete hit the continue > button and proof again, then click the yes, add to cart > button.
The system will take you through this process for each of the personalized items in your cart.

Step 6: Continue shopping or checkout

Once all of your personalized items are complete, the system will take you to your shopping cart. If you still have party items you want to purchase for your party, like filled favor boxes and a helium tank, please continue shopping. If you have everything you need, please proceed to the checkout process.
Please Note: the personalization process will take an additional 2 days to process and ship. These additional 2 days are automatically figured into your delivery date once you put your personalized product in your cart.

Can I use special characters, change the font, and colors?

  • No, special characters can not be used.
  • Upper and lower case letters can be used.
  • Different fonts and colors are offered, but not all the same for each product.
Please note: we reserve the right not to print products with offensive content and imagery.

How many Photos you can store on the Upload Photo Area?

A maximum of 3 photos can be uploaded at one time. You may delete photos you do not want to use and replace with others.

How do I know if my photos will work?

Read about how to know if your photo will work for personalized products.

Can I save photos for future use on the website?

No. You will have to re-upload any images the next time you visit.

How long will be photos be available for use?

Images are associated with your session with our website. Sessions are stored in your cookie file for 30 days. If you delete your cookies, your images will be unreachable.

Can I Preview my Personalized Items after ordering?

Yes. A link will be included in your order confirmation email so you can preview the personalized products you ordered.

Can I use the same Photo for other Personalized Items?

Yes, as long as your session with the website exists.

Can I purchase a Personalized Item without uploading an image?

Yes. You will just need to select one of the suggested stock photos instead.

What are the image requirements?

  • Supported filetypes: .jpg, .gif, .tif, .bmp, .wmf, .emf, .png
  • Supported size: there is a 4 Megabyte limit per file.

Are my images secure?


Can my Personalized Items be modified after I place my order?

No. Your order will begin being processed almost immediately. Customer Service does have the ability to view your Personalization if you have questions about what you ordered. Due to the personalized nature of or products, we cannot accept returns based on customer input errors (typos, low quality images, etc.). Please see our return policy for complete information.

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