Two Two Train

Get ready for a wonderful 2nd birthday party when you shop for items from this collection of Two Two Train Party Supplies! There are lots of great ways to make your next party look perfect, like dinner and dessert plates, favors and gifts, lots of different balloon styles, cake supplies, pinatas, and plenty more for a wonderful day!


Sound the whistle, this birthday train is headed for fun. 

Fire up the engine and get the steam rolling! This party train is leaving town and won’t stop until everyone is tired and full of cake. And who’s that in the cab? It’s your special little guy who’s not so little anymore. He’s pulling the train whistle and letting everyone know he’s turned two-two! If your guy has a striped conductor’s hat and laughs wildly when he sees a train, then we have all you need to treat him to the perfect train-themed birthday party. With fun cartoonish decorations, you’ll be able to create the perfect train station for the perfect kid! 

Quick pre-planning tip:

Keep an eye out for train-themed decorations, or make your own! You can easily add wheels to serving containers and arrange them in a line so they form a train. Of course, a train-shaped cake is always in order and cotton candy makes a great substitute for engine steam. 


You don’t have to recreate Grand Central Station or buy a pile of coal to get this train of a party on the right tracks. To find the inspiration you need for the perfect party, check out our Ideas Blog where you can browse through hundreds of creative party ideas! This is some text.


A great party begins weeks in advance with stellar invitations. With a big friendly smile, this cartoon train lets your guests know who’s turning two and that they’re invited to celebrate! These invitations are a great way to get people excited and for passengers to get ready to board the party train. 


It’s time to revive the long-forgotten art of decorating train cars! And who’s the powerful man that will ride in your lavish car? Why, none other than your little train conductor, and he’s turning two! Naturally, you want nothing but the best for him. Never fear, we have the finest decorations to make his day extra special. From colorful balloons to large banners announcing the celebration, you’ll be able to transform your house into a luxury train station fit for the most prestigious train conductor this side of the Atlantic!

Train Banner

While the steam whistle blows “choo choo” and every one hears “two-two,” this personalized birthday banner will welcome guests to the party. All you do is upload a picture, write a message and we’ll do the rest. Made of heavy-duty vinyl so it can withstand weather and roughhousing, this banner comes in three sizes. 

Balloon Bouquet

This explosion of color and smiles is the perfect way to add that extra punch to any room. Kids love balloons and this bouquet brings together your child’s favorite two-two train character along with ribbons, sparkles and an assortment of other latex and foil balloons.


The highlight of most birthday parties (let’s face it, any party, whether you’re young or old) is cake. And of course, ice cream. However, if you’re serving this to a bunch of toddlers, it can also be the scariest part of the party. Broken dishes, messes and general mayhem are all to be expected. But we can help make it a little easier. With our themed plates, plastic tableware and table cloth, cleanup is a breeze. The kids will love how they look and you’ll love how easy they make your job. 


Great parties, like great train rides, don’t just happen, and a pack of cake-hungry passengers don’t just have a good time. You know that it takes some careful planning and coordination to make it all come together. It’s a lot of work but we at BirthdayExpress are here to help. We’ve looked high and low for just the right activities to ensure everyone has a great time, from first-class passengers to the conductor. The only problem is that the guests will have had so much fun they won’t want to leave! Fortunately, this train is scheduled to come back next year. 

Train Cone Hats

Some fashions never go out of style, and a cone hat at a birthday party is one of them. These classic caps announce your child’s age and are simple to put on. They’re so fun, in fact, you’ll probably want to get a few for yourself and the other adults! 

Activity Placement

While the little ones are sitting down and waiting for cake, let their creativity take hold with this Activity Placemat kit, With puzzles, games and an opportunity to color in a Two Two train just the way they like it, this imaginative activity will keep them absorbed for some time. 


You put a lot of work into making sure your child had the best birthday party in any boxcar, on any side of the tracks. You know their friends and guests who came out to celebrate are what made it such a success. Be sure to show all their little friends just how much you appreciate their company by giving them a party favor to take home. These thoughtful gestures are a great way to ensure your train-themed party will be remembered for a long time. 


After you’ve checked to see if all the parts in the train were running like they should, set out the cake and prepared the box car for a great party, you’ll probably wonder if there’s anything else you can do to make your child’s birthday even more special. At BirthdayExpress, we have a number of popular products that can be personalized. It’s easier than you may think. All you have to do is upload a picture, create a message and we’ll do the rest!

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Favor Boxes

Send your guests home with everything they need to replicate a little train station of their own with this Two-Two Train 2nd Birthday Favor Box Kit. With a railroad crossing blowout, train whistle, super bouncy ball and more, they'll remember your kid's party for a long time.

Sticker Sheets

With a cast of characters from all parts of a train, your guests will be sure to treasure this collection of stickers. As a fun-filled reminder of your kid's special birthday party, these stickers go great on school supplies and coloring books.


This heavy-duty vinyl sign will welcome guests to the party, and when your little one sees his face on the banner, alongside their beloved trains, he'll giggle with joy! If you’ve been looking for a truly personal statement, this is it.   

Favor Boxes

Now you can send your child's friends home with an Empty Favor Box that has the birthday kid's smiling face right on it. This is a great way to say thank you for being part of the "Two Two" birthday train.

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