Superhero Party

With Superhero Party Party Supplies, you can turn your next birthday event into a fun time your guests, and the hero of the day, are sure to remember! Get tableware items to help make your big dinner or some tasty cake easy to clean and decorate, as well as party favors like bracelets, stickers, superhero masks, and lollipops.


Boom! Pow! Wham! Have your superhero party be a knockout!

Boom! Wham! Ka-pow! That’s the sound of justice being served as everyone’s favorite superheroes come to the rescue. With our collection of Superhero Comics party supplies and superhero costumes, you can bring your superhero-themed party to life. Every detail counts when it comes to planning the perfect party, which is why we have a wide selection of decorations, party favors, tableware, invitations and much more. Whatever you need to throw a birthday party of superhuman proportions, we have it. With guests like Superman, Batman, Captain America and Wonder Woman, your child’s party won’t be easily forgotten.

Quick pre-planning tip:

Superheroes may have superhuman speed or the ability to fly, but there simply isn’t enough time to travel to stores and search for everything you need for a successful party. Let Birthday Express be your one-stop-shop for all your party needs.


With great power comes great responsibility, and boy, what a big responsibility party planning is! But have no fear! We have the perfect supplies and decorations to get your Superhero Comics party started on the path to greatness.


Calling all superheroes! Grab your mask or cape – or both! – and join us for ___’s birthday party! Come dressed as your favorite superhero and be prepared to use your superhuman abilities to save the world from evil villains.


Riddled with classic comic book imagery, from ben-day dots to explosive sound effects, Birthday Express’s Superhero Comics decorations will transform any location into the pages of a superhero’s tale. Balloons, banners, pop-up cityscapes – we have everything you need to set the mood for your child and guests so they channel their crime-fighting alter-egos. Watch as all the kids become their favorite superheroes and take off on a mission to stop the villains and save the world.

Balloon Bouquet

A party isn’t complete without balloons, and your Superhero Comics party is no different. The themed balloons feature scenes from comic book panels and their notorious sound effects, and they’ll be a centerpiece of the party with their stand-out colors.

Personalized Banner

Your little superhero will feel like an extra-special superhuman when he sees his name in giant letters on our Superhero Comics personalized banner. Made with heavy-duty vinyl, our banners are made to withstand earth-shaking superhero powers.


Superheroes can’t protect the world from evil on an empty stomach. They’ll need food and sustenance in order to fight off villains and keep innocents safe. A grand birthday feast must be in the works for your superhero-themed party, and Birthday Express has the supplies to help make the feast even more special. With Superhero Comics plates, cups, napkins and plasticware, you can serve everyone’s favorite superheroes in style.


Hands down, the hardest part of planning a successful birthday party is preparing the activities. Keeping kids preoccupied can be challenging, especially when those kids are superheroes with extraordinary powers. No need to fret, however, because we have a number of activity ideas and supplies to give your superheroes the adventure of a lifetime. We have party classics, like the piñata and blowouts – with a superhero twist, of course. We also have a photo booth kit to capture those precious superhuman moments.


Bam! Smash! Pow! A party favorite, the piñata is the perfect way for little superheroes to let out their favorite comic book onomatopoeia. For added fun, they can even pretend the piñata is a villain for them to battle.

Dress Up

A superhero is nothing without a cape. Whether it provides support while flying or simply adds dramatic effect, the cape is a necessary component for every superhero. Make sure your superhero outfit is complete with Birthday Express’s Superhero Cape.


A gathering of the world’s greatest protectors against evil is a rare occasion, and you’ll want to make sure to give extra thanks to the superheroes in attendance for making your child’s party a super-special event. Birthday Express has an assortment of party favors already prepared so you don’t have to do the extra work. We have treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth, as well as toys that will let guests continue their crime-fighting adventures after the party ends.

Candy Wrapper & Box Kits

You don’t need superhuman speed to put these fun candy kits together. With so many other party elements to control, these easy-to-assemble kits are a quick and sweet way to thank your guests for celebrating your child’s birthday.

Superhero Mask

Every superhero needs a mask to protect his or her true identity. Send your heroes home with the Superhero Comics Mask, and they can relive their superhero adventures from your child’s party every time they put the mask on.

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