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If your child is always asking questions and loves to discover more about our world, this collection of Super Why Party Supplies is the perfect set for your next big birthday party! You can get tablewares, customizable items, invitations and thank you cards, decorations, pinatas, cake supplies, and more, all with great designs your guests will love!

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Give your child a storybook birthday with Super Why!

Children love to read stories and use their imaginations, so it’s no surprise that your big kid is enamored with the hit TV show Super Why!. The colorful characters bring favorite stories to life to help children learn letters and build a lifelong love of reading. Best yet, you can give your child a birthday party they’ll never forget with our unique Super Why! collection. His eyes will be wide with delight when he sees his special party features Whyatt and all the beloved characters of storybook village.

Quick Planning Tip – pre-party planning tip

Enhance the party theme by gathering classic kids' books and creating a “book nook” at the party. Add some blankets, pillows and the books so wee party guests can gather and flip through the stories. You can even kick off the party by reading the birthday girl or boy’s favorite book at an extra-special story time.

Find inspiration 

Looking for a great thank-you gift for party guests? In addition to fun favors and tasty treats, get some affordable paperback books and have the birthday boy write a special thank-you note on the inside cover. Then, at the conclusion of the party, let each child choose a favorite to take home. You’ll help enhance their own book collections by providing a special memento from the party.

Send the Invites image

You can’t have a party without sending out invitations first! For a super start to a super party, send out these colorful Super Why! invitations. Each features Whyatt saying “B is for Birthday!” and is guaranteed to boost excitement for every party guest.


Trying to figure out how to decorate your child’s birthday party? Super readers to the rescue! Start by hanging letters of the alphabet all around the party location. Then, use vivid decorations that feature all the best Super Why! characters. In addition to Whyatt Beanstalk, his friends Little Red Riding Hood, Pig, Princess Pea and their adorable puppy Woofster add colorful charm to any space. Super Why! is a great party theme for both boys and girls and is sure to capture and hold their attention from the moment they arrive.

Balloon Bouquet image

The birthday star will be floating on cloud nine with this beautiful balloon bouquet. Gold foil stars, green latex balloons and unique balloons featuring iconic Super Why! characters create a stunning centerpiece for a table or at the entryway.


A Super Why! birthday banner is the perfect way to let your little one know how special this day is. Even better, you can easily personalize the banner with a name or unique phrase. It’s the perfect way to decorate the party and serves as a fun keepsake that can hang in your child’s room when the day is done.


A is for apple. B is for banana. C is for candy. D is for drinks. The alphabet can serve as the perfect theme for your party food. Whether you simply serve snacks or plan to prepare a full meal, don’t forget all the tableware items you need for fun place settings. Set out plates and napkins featuring Super Reader friends to set the stage for a great party with a tasty ending. Colorful cups and plasticware are must-have items, too. Grab everything you need for the table prior to the party so when the big day comes you don’t have to worry one bit!


Rambunctious readers need a few fun activities to exercise their bodies along with their super-powered minds! A piñata is sure to cause squeals of delight as each child takes a turn. Another fun idea is to have all the kids stand up and go through each letter of the alphabet one by one and try to make that shape with your body. Giggles will ensue! Finally, rest for a minute with a cool game of alphabet bingo. It's a hoot to play while helping kids learn. Remember to grab your camera and snap a few pics of the kids in action!


Who doesn’t love a piñata? This classic birthday game is fun for kids of all ages. The colorful Super Why! piñata is awesome because parents can opt for kids to pull a ribbon (great for little ones) or use the baton to hit it open (which is awesome for big kids). With our kit you get everything you need for the party, even the candy and toys for filler!

Wall Decals

Bring the exciting world of Storybook Village to your child’s party with these larger-than-life wall decals. They not only transform any drab room into a fabulous party place, they also make for fun photos. Have the kids stand next to their favorite character and snap a few shots. Then get Mom or Dad’s email address at pickup time and send the digital files to each family when the party is done.

Party Favors

You know that every child who attends the party deserves a thank you for spending the day with your big birthday kid. Party favors are a great way to show gratitude and give guests a little something to play with when they return home. Storybooks, classic magnetic alphabet letters and bubbles are all broadly appealing ideas. Want to save time? Our favor boxes and sticker sheets make creating the perfect thank-you gifts a breeze. Line up the favors by the doorway so each child can grab one on the way out and feel extra special.

Filled Favor Boxes

Your all-in-one, amazing, over-the-top, fantastically fun party favors are waiting for you right here. No need to run around town finding all the little goodies to make party goers smile, because this Super Why! themed box is packed with the good stuff. Stickers, lollipops, yo-yos, crayons and much more will combine to make a thank-you gift they’ll remember long after the party is over.

Sticker Sheets

Kids adore stickers, particularly when their favorite Super Why! characters are on them. Vivid colors pair with fan favorites like Whyatt, Princess Pea, Pig and Red Riding Hood to create a sticker-tastic favor everyone will love. These sticker sheets make the perfect addition to your themed favor box and are guaranteed to make kids smile.

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