Star Wars

For a fan of the most famous movie series in the world, create a wonderful party out of everything from the Star Wars Party Supplies collection! You'll be able to get big decorations like pinatas, balloon kits, table covers, cardboard stand-ups, and lots of other fun items like favors and tableware featuring characters both classic and new!


Awaken the Jedi Within

The Force is strong in this one. And it’s ready to be awoken once again. One of the most epic movie franchises of all time is about to hit a birthday party near you. Appealing to both old and new Star Wars fans, our Star Wars party supplies feature something for everyone, plus lots of intergalactic fun for all. Peruse these pages and come up with the most out-of-this-world party that’s perfect for the little Jedi in your home.

Quick Planning Tip

We love winging it just as much as the next guy. But let's be honest. Neither of us is Luke Skywalker, and we need to have a good plan in place when we're storming the Death Star. Keeping lists and making a schedule will ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Find Inspiration

At Birthday Express, we're in the business of inspiring. We don't just want to provide fun and practical supplies for your next party. We want to give you YOU the tools you need to make your day special. Check out the Ideas Blog for ways to really make it your own.

Send the Invites

Though he may be a supervillain and an all-around terrifying individual, Kylo Ren sure knows how to rally the stormtroopers and get them ready to fight for the Empire. Round up your own troops with these Star Wars Invitations featuring your favorite characters so you can get the buzz going about your intergalactic party.


We love birthday parties. It’s kind of our thing. And we love Star Wars more than…well, more than most things. So nothing gets us amped up quite like a Star Wars birthday party — and that goes double for a Star Wars party. That’s why we’ve got our shelves stocked with all sorts of goodies to ensure your Star Wars party awakens the Force that’s been within you this whole time.


You know that nothing screams “good times” like festive balloons out on the mailbox or inside on the stairway. The Star Wars Latex Balloons are the perfect red and blue addition to your party décor. The balloons feature the X-Wing and Tie Fighters, representing some of the most iconic moments in Star Wars history.

Table Cover

The perfect blend of old and new, the Star Wars Plastic Table Cover harkens back to the classic original Star Wars movie posters with our favorite old droids and the new cast of characters. It’s the ultimate table cover for setting the table and setting the scene.


You’ve got your theme picked out, you’ve got the invitations out and RSVPs back. You’ve got your stellar Star Wars table cover neatly adorning your table. It’s time to set the table, and for the love of Yoda, leave those dishes in the cupboard where they belong. Unless your fine china and silverware boast pictures of Poe Dameron, Han Solo or the Millennium Falcon, it has no business on that party table. Instead, stick with your theme (and save yourself from a mess of dishes) with our extensive collection of Star Wars tableware; you'll knock this party out of the galaxy.


We probably don’t need to tell you this, but Star Wars is one of the most successful movie franchises in cinema history. And why is that? It’s got something for everyone. It’s got epic battles of good an evil and dirty politics. It’s got complicated relationships between family and friends. It’s got wookies! This also makes it the perfect birthday party theme. There are activity options galore and we’ve got the perfect places to start. From dress-up supplies and photo backdrops to Star Wars games and prizes, we’ve got what you need to make a good party great.

Award Ribbon

Whether you stage a lightsaber duel in the living room or an X-Wing dog fight in the back yard, the Star Wars Award Ribbon is the perfect way to honor the participants in the same fashion of Luke Skywalker and the others who so valiantly defended the Alliance all those years ago.

Star Wars Party Game

You must answer one question: Rule the galaxy or join the resistance? Answer that question daringly with the Star Wars Party Game. It includes a movie poster, eight stickers and one blindfold, which is everything you need for a fun Star Wars party game to get the whole group involved.

Photo Opportunities 

Help create lasting memories with the Star Wars Scene Setter. This bold, colorful backdrop is an awesome way to capture photos of the kids with their game prizes, costumes or favorite party decorations from the big day. It comes in five pieces that all together measure about 6’ tall and 5 ½’ wide.


No new Star Wars character is generating more hype than evil (and evil-looking) villain, Kylo Ren. Now you or someone at the party can don the haunting threads of this newcomer with the Star Wars: Episode VII Kylo Ren Costume for Boys. It comes complete with hooded full-length cape, belt and mask.


Though a Jedi might agree that a party well thrown is its own reward, children don’t always share the same virtuous outlook. That’s why party favors are a great way to say “thanks for coming,” as they allow you to send your guests home with a fun keepsake so they can have a memory of their trip to that galaxy far, far away. We’ve got Star Wars-themed masks, snacks, lanyards, bracelets and so much more to help your invitees remember the shindig for months to come! Take a look at all our options and pick out the perfect favors to spoil your guests.

Paper Masks

If you’re going with a photo booth or you simply want to send the little Jedis home with a smile on their faces, the Star Wars Paper Masks are really fun and super easy. The pack comes with four different character masks and offers a great way to mix and match all the Star Wars fun.


loudly than a sweet (temporary) tattoo of your favorite character. The Star Wars Temporary Tattoos come with two sheets of eight tattoos and they are a super cool way to remember a great Star Wars party.

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