Rainbow Birthday

Rainbow Birthday Party Supplies help you create an incredibly colorful day of fun for the birthday child and all of the guests, with options like tablewares, cake supplies, pinatas, party favors and gifts, and balloons to help you create something memorable, fun, and perfect all of your guests are sure to love!


Find the Best Party Ever at the End of This Rainbow

o    There is something magical about the creation of a rainbow. When the light hits a raindrop just right, all of the separate colors in sunlight that we cannot normally see split apart to create a stunning masterpiece. Its elusive, fleeting nature makes it a sight to behold. It is no wonder why people believe rainbows hold magical powers, but their beauty is magic enough! Whether they mark the location of a pot of gold or the flight path of an enchanted Pegasus, the wonder and amazement created by a rainbow are worth celebrating. Make your birthday bash as magical and enchanting as a brilliant rainbow bending across the sky.

Quick pre-planning tip:

Ever wonder how those perfectly poised parents pull off the most fabulous party without ever losing their composure? They didn’t get their wish granted by a magical leprechaun at the end of a rainbow. No, they simply planned ahead for every part of the celebration. Plan out each activity and snack, and always have a back-up plan. Be sure to ask about food allergies or dietary restrictions in your RSVP to plan the perfect menu.


Visit the Birthday Express Ideas Blog to pull inspiration from any number of other birthday themes. While the décor may not be the same, that doesn’t mean you can’t tweak a few menu items or games to fit your colorful theme!


Once your guests open the envelope, they will be met with a ray of light that carries your excitement all the way to them. They will fall in love with the vibrant colors and the lively description of what to expect for the big day!


Let your party shine bright with all the colors of the rainbow. No amount of rain can keep your sunshine from shining through. Create the world of your child’s dreams with brilliant rainbows dotting every corner and magical creatures peeking out from unexpected places. This lighthearted and uplifting theme is perfect for any age.

Rainbow Balloon Bouquet

Fly up to meet the clouds with a giant balloon bouquet. The enchanting colors and beautiful mix of foil and latex balloons combine to make the perfect centerpiece for a table, or you can use bouquets to mark activity stations throughout the party.

Personalized Banner

Let your imagination come to life. Create a big rainbow with the birthday boy or girl’s name right on it. A birthday banner is the perfect way to mark your party’s location and provide an extra touch of personality.


Make meals a magical experience with fun-filled rainbow tableware. Instead of finding a treasure at the end of the rainbow, guests will be digging through the treasure of your tasty birthday cake to find the rainbow at the bottom! Whether you prefer vanilla or chocolate, the vibrant colors of ROYGBIV will shine through once you polish off your decadent dessert.


Keep the smiling faces shining bright with plenty of fun and games to go around. With a colorful theme, you can take the celebration outdoors and take advantage of the beautiful weather while making rainbow items of your own. From tie-dying for the older crew to finger painting for the little ones, there are plenty of creative things to keep the kids busy and burn off some of that sugar. To get things moving, try classic party games that will never go out of style.

Rainbow Pinata

Take your best shot to crack open the pot of gold! Swing high for the clouds and don’t hold back because you never know what kind of treasures could be hiding inside the piñata.

Photo Opportunities

Bring some color into the space with these easy-to-hang wall decals. This Rainbow Backdrop also helps to create a background for the perfect photo area. Have each guest take a picture with the birthday guest of honor for an extra-special memento.


Colorful party favors are the perfect way to end the perfect day. Say thank you with a smile and relive the memories you created. While the party may have come to an end, just like those fleeting rainbows – you can cherish the moments and look forward to the next one to come. Fill up a goodie bag with sweets, treats or tiny toys that will serve as a reminder of the special day that all of your children’s friends were able to be a part of.

Empty Favor Box

You never know what waits inside the magical box at the end of the rainbow. Send guests home with hair accessories, lollipops and stickers. You can also add anything from tasty treats to yo-yos!

Candy Wrapper

Candy Bars make the perfect party favor for the kids to take home for a second piece or for a gift to their parents! Because they are individually wrapped there is little mess, and the personalized wrapper is just as sweet! 


Make the day extra special with a magical message on the party decorations. With just the wave of a wand, those colorful decorations can be personalized with the guest of honor’s name or even a photo. Imagine the surprise!


The birthday girl will feel extra special when her name is flying high with the rainbows. It will be like a dream come true, and all of her friends will be in awe of just how special the day is for her.

Thank You Notes

There are plenty of ways to say “thank you,” but nothing beats an old-fashioned thank you card. Guests will love getting mail, and your young one can get into the practice of writing thank you notes. These colorful cards will be a treat to both the writer and the reader. Fun designs light up the room as well as the smiles in it.

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