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It's every girl's favorite animal! Use the Pony Party Party Supplies to make your next big birthday bash perfect for the special girl and her guests! You can get decorations like balloon bouquets, horse pinatas, and banners, tableware like dinner plates, napkins, cups, and favors like mini key chains, terries, and lots more!


This All-Out Pony Party Isn’t Horsing Around

Year after year, you hear “Can I have a pony?” While you may not be ready to make such a large investment in riding lessons, boarding fees and caring for an animal that requires even more responsibility than a puppy, you are definitely ready to throw your little one an exciting birthday party. There won’t be just one pony, no. There will be ponies everywhere you look! Turn your home into a dream ranch full of majestic ponies and horses that all of your little one’s friends will enjoy. With plenty of barnyard games and wonderful decorations, this is a party that won’t be forgotten.

Quick Planning Tip

Once you get all of your party supplies, start making your party favor bags right away. By tagging each bag with the corresponding guest’s name, you will ensure everyone gets his or her parting gift. Even those who are unable to come can still get a little token of appreciation so they don’t feel left out.

Find inspiration

Searching through our Ideas blog is a great way to get inspired by party-planning tips and tricks. You won’t have to jump over any hurdles to find some of the best ideas that you can easily transform to fit your theme.

Send the invite

You may hear your little one whinnying with excitement, but that won’t make the cut for a formal initiation. Send guests a best-in-show invitation that will get them excited for the big day. They will be eager to saddle up and join the fun.


Finding the perfect balance of rugged barnyard and glamorous party is no easy feat. But thanks to the increasing popularity of the shabby chic look, you can find extra accents that you will want to keep in your home all year long. For decorations that stand out, go for things the kids will love, such as a pony piñata, helmets, show ribbons and hay bales.


A personal touch makes everything a little more special. These folding centerpieces can feature the guest of honor as well as a special message. Make this personalized centerpiece stand out even more by setting it atop a mini hay bale surrounded by apples, carrots, grass and other horsey treats for the ultimate effect.


Welcome partygoers with a bold banner held high. Decorated perfectly with the theme, it is the missing piece to tie everything together. This banner is even more special because it can be customized for the guest of honor. Print a photo or a silly saying to get a smile from ear to ear.


Everyone will gallop to their plates when they hear the dinner bell ring. Every little pony has a sweet tooth and whether you are serving cupcakes or cake, they will be eager to chow down. Be sure to serve barn-inspired treats like apple salads, carrot cake or oatmeal cookies. With festive decorations everywhere, your party will look streamlined from start to finish. Even the table will be set to perfection. No eating out of troughs and buckets for these special ponies; each guest will get his or her own place setting complete with pictures of beautiful ponies


Trying to calm down a group of excited partygoers is just like trying to saddle a wild horse; you might not get very far. Tire out your guests with fun games that will keep them active and entertained. It will be much easier to get them to sit still for cake and presents once they have burnt off some of that excess energy. Prepare games that are both mentally and physically stimulating and still relevant to the theme.


Let guests take their best shot at cracking open the treasure trove. You never know what’s inside, but that’s half of the excitement. Swing after swing, guests will tire themselves out. When the waterfall of treats comes crashing down they will all rush over to see the prizes.

Activity Placemats

Keeping kids sitting still at the table can feel like trying to lasso a wild animal. Without something to focus their energy on, they will just be bouncing around and jumping out of their seats. Make sitting at the table just another game with an activity placemat to keep them occupied until it’s time to sing Happy Birthday.

Photo Opportunities

Every little girl wants her picture taken with a pony. Get them all dolled up in their best riding roots and cowgirl hats, then have a photo shoot to make memories of the day. Photos add a great personal touch to thank you notes, so be sure to get one of each guest with a great big smile.

Stick the Ribbon on the Pony

Forget pinning the tail on the donkey. With this prize-winning theme, you will want to pin the blue ribbon on your pony. Stick the first place prize right on your saddle! Kids will go into fits of giggles when they see all the silly places the ribbon gets placed.

Party Favors

Don’t let anyone leave empty handed. Be sure that each guest feels like they came in first place. Send each partygoer home with a goodie-bag full of treats and toys that will remind them of all the fun they had throughout the celebration.

Filled Favor Box

Each and every guest will go home with their very own pony. As they open up this adorable favor box, their eyes will light up with joy and they will squeal with delight to find a plush pony and a pony figurine. Their imaginations can run wild with all the games they will play.

Horse Figurines 

 Their imaginations will run wild with all the fun and games they will have with their new horse figurine. These are great gifts because they are safe, clean, and they will encourage kids to get together and play with one another to create their herd.


Everything is better with a personal touch. Whether it is an embroidered bridle or a stitched saddle pad, you always feel extra important when something is made just for you. Put that same love and attention into your party with personalized decorations and gifts.


Welcome partygoers with a bold banner held high. Decorated perfectly with the theme, this banner can be customized for the guest of honor. Print a photo or a silly saying to get a smile from ear to ear.


After clearing your plate, you will be greeted by a pleasant surprise. A special message for the birthday girl just may be hidden underneath all that cake!


These folding centerpieces can picture the guest of honor as well as a special message just for him or her. Make this personalized centerpiece stand out even more by setting it atop a mini hay bale for the barn effect.

Favor Box

Save time by getting each favor box printed with a special message. You won’t have to hand write anything on each, but they will still have that extra personal touch.

Thank-You Notes

Be sure to keep your manners as tidy as your stall. Send each guest a personalized thank you for sharing the special day with you. We all know the big moments aren’t as fun without our herd by our side, so let them know how much it means to you. 

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