Make a birthday party that will have your guests, and your special birthday boy, soaring when you shop for Planes Party Supplies! You can get tableware items like plates and napkins, decorations like balloons and personalized banners, and party favors like hats, luggage tags, stickers, and zipper pulls. Everything will be perfect for the big day!


Let’s go up, up and away on an airplane adventure!

For hundreds of years, humans have dreamt of piloted, powered flight. Watching birds soar majestically and effortlessly through the sky has prompted engineers and inventors to turn daydreams into realities. Though powered flight is, these days, a common occurrence (there are an estimated 100,000 flights every single day) our fascination with flying has never ceased. Now, it’s time for your little one to experience the joy of flying with the Airplane Adventure line from BirthdayExpress. We’ve got decorations, tableware and more to help your party take to the skies. Now buckle up and let’s fly!

Quick pre-planning tip: 
We’ve thrown a party or two in our day. And though no birthday bash is created equal, there’s one thing that’s helped us time and time again: Lists. Make lists for everything. It seems like a lot of work for a kid’s party, but it’s so much less stressful and allows you to fully enjoy the day.


Need a little inspiration? Whether it’s your child’s first birthday party or your youngest’s tenth, we all need some way to get the creative energy flowing. Cruise on over to our Ideas Blog and check out helpful hints and tips, as well as advice from pro designers and featured stylists.


Time for roll call! If you’re going to have enough of everything, you need to know who’s going to be there. So why not invite them in style? The Airplane Adventure invitations serve as the boarding pass to fun and are a fantastic way to get your guests excited for takeoff.


Are you having your party at home? At someone else’s home? At a bowling alley or entertainment center? Regardless of the location, it’s important to think of decorations as a way to really set the scene and sell the theme. Unless you’re having your party in an airplane hangar (which is actually an awesome idea), you’ll need some help turning the room into a full-blown Airplane Adventure. That’s where we come in. Whether for walls, ceilings or tables, we’ve got all kinds of decorations to have you and your guests cleared for departure.

Airplane Adventure Balloon Bouquet

Let the adventurers fly high in the sky with this vibrant bouquet of Airplane Adventure balloons. It comes complete with four foil balloons including two with wonderful Airplane Adventure planes on them. It also comes with 6 latex cloud balloons, some balloon ribbon and a turquoise weight to keep them from ending up on the ceiling.


Let the good times really fly with the Airplane Adventure Personalized Vinyl Banner. This heavy-duty vinyl banner will stand up to any location, even the outdoor elements. It comes in three different sizes and can be personalized with a special message to the birthday boy or girl.


Food is such an integral part of any great party. Whether it’s some delicious appetizers or a fantastic combination of ice cream and cake, the table is where the magic really happens. Instead of tossing your baked goods on any old paper plate, check out our collection of Airplane Adventure tableware. Not only do we carry Airplane Adventure plates, but we also have themed cups, napkins and even theme-colored plasticware. No matter where your gathering is, make sure that food table is stocked to the brim with plenty of Airplane Adventures goods to keep your party at a nice cruising altitude.


Once you’ve got those little rug-rats all hopped up on cake and ice cream, you’ve got to give them some way to burn off their energy. You could, of course, take them outside and let them run around for a few hours. But we think we’ve got a better idea. What about a dress-up party? Maybe a cool photo booth? A piñata? Here at BirthdayExpress, we’ve got all that and more, all adorned with cool Airplane Adventure planes and colors to keep everyone festive and happy as the good times continue to roll.


With the Airplane Adventure 3D Pull-String Piñata, you get all the piñata fun without the danger of blindfolded 5-year-olds swinging a stick around like a crazy person. Simply pull one string at a time (or all at once) for a thrilling and suspenseful activity that will undoubtedly end with candy, toys and lots of giggles.

Airplane Adventure Blowouts

Yes, these noisemakers are still around and yes, they’re still incredibly fun. You child and his or her guests will be imitating airplane noises (don’t worry, it’s not as loud as an actual plane) as they zip and fly across the living room sky.

Photo Opportunities- Wall Decal

What’s more fun than making silly, goofy faces with your friends that will last forever? Nothing, that’s what. The Airplane Adventures Giant Wall Decals adhere (via non-damaging static cling) and make an excellent backdrop to an Airplane Adventure photo booth. Mix and match the fun stars and variety of airplanes for a memorable activity for you and your guests.

Dress Up Pilot Trucker Hats

Ready for a photo shoot but forgot your costume at home? Not to worry! These Airplane Adventure Pilot Trucker Hats make the perfect quick costume for that fun photo backdrop. We suggest pairing with the plastic aviator sunglasses for a truly rad photo opp.


The food’s gone and the kids are tuckered out. But still. The fun must go on, right? Everyone loves a party and no one likes to leave, so why not sweeten the deal a little bit? A party favor is a great way to not only thank your guests for their company but to soften the blow when you tell the children it’s time to leave. But even more than that, it’s a way to help them all remember the fun times and the great adventures they had for a long time to come.

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