Nautical Party


Dive under the waves to enjoy the most magical party on earth!

Does your child seem to take extra-long baths, well past the point of their fingers turning into prunes? When the weekend comes around are they begging to go see the fish and sharks at the aquarium? If you have a future Jacques Cousteau in your house, then you know the only way to celebrate their birthday is by recreating their favorite part of the world. That’s right, you’ll have to take them under the sea. At BirthdayExpress, we have all the essential decorations for you to create this world — and don’t worry, you’ll still be able to light the candles on the cake in this underwater world.   

Quick pre-planning tip:

How do you bring the ocean to your house without all that water damage? Well, short of getting a friendly shark to make an appearance, one of the best things you can do is to rent a bubble machine. Couple this machine with some blue cellophane and you’ll be on your way to an ideal underwater environment.


It’s no easy task to transform your living room and backyard into a coral reef. Fortunately, we’ve put together a substantial collection of inspiring birthday party ideas put on by parents just like you. Our ideas blog provides an array of creative examples you can borrow from in order to throw the best party yet.


Fill out these invitations and get them on the next schooner leaving port! The fun image and design of these cards will get everyone ready to plunge under the ocean waves on an adventure full of cake, ice cream, sting rays, whales and more!


Decorating for your child’s birthday party is never an easy task, no matter how much experience you’ve gained from the previous years. There’s always a surprise detail hidden where you least expect. At BirthdayExpress, we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure all the coral and seaweed is in order for your nautical-themed party. Our selection of decorations includes all the essentials you need to throw the party your child will love and your guests will marvel at. So jump in and explore the treasures of our underwater kingdom.

Nautical Balloon Bouquet

Nothing says party like balloons, and these balloons are ready for the big party. Everything you need for your little skipper’s favorite balloon display is here. The two foil balloons designed with colorful nautical cartoon images are complemented by a bouquet of latex and star balloons.

Decorating Kit

Let your child and their guests know they’ve stepped aboard the right ship with this high-quality vinyl banner. Featuring fun, nautical cartoons to match the theme of your party, this banner can be personalized to provide that special touch. All you do is type in the words and we’ll do the rest!


As much as your little sailor may ask for it, the unfortunate fact is that you can’t serve fish food at their party. But they’re not going to be too broken up about having to eat cake and ice cream. On the other hand, you may not be too excited to clean up their mess and wash all those dishes. To help you out on this already busy day, we’ve put together a complete set of tableware that will both match your child’s nautical-themed party and help you with clean-up. Easy and fun, that's what this day is all about!


Sailing the high seas can be full of adventure, what with fending off pirates, discovering new worlds and looting underwater treasure. But sometimes the crew gets restless and it will be up to you, brave captain, to plan the activities to keep this crew entertained. Look no further than BirthdayExpress. We’ve given the classic birthday party activities a nautical twist. With piñatas, photo opportunities and more, you’ll be able to keep these little barnacles happy and entertained for hours. The key ingredients to your imaginative wonder-land of a party.


This bright blue dolphin hides a treasure trove of fun and candy. Guests take turns pulling on the strings. The suspense is half the excitement. After all, no one knows which string will be the one to release a shower of treats!

Photo Opportunities

To fully capture the magic of your child’s birthday party, and to make the memories last forever, you can’t do better than this colorful photo booth. Featuring a submarine stand-in, a palm tree cut-out and other props like a hula skirt and Hawaiian leis, this is the perfect addition to any aquatic party.


From getting out the invitations to coordinating with other parents and making sure all the decorations are in order, a lot goes into pulling off the perfect birthday party for your kid. That’s probably an understatement. As any parent knows, a big part of throwing a great party is the guests. Your child’s adorable little friends really make the day extra special. To show them how grateful you are for their attendance, be sure to send them on their way with something special. With our selection of party favors, you’ll

Nautical Fun Filled Favor Box

This nautical themed party box can be filled with goodies and treats that will be making your guests believe they are on the beach! Beach balls, crab squirters, and buckets and shovels are just a few examples of what to include inside. 


These delicious party favors look so fun that it’s possible your guests will want to keep them as toys. But one lick and they won’t stop until this tasty treat is gone. Each set comes with twenty-four lollipops in blue and white swirl.

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