Mustache Party

Give your girl and all her guests a hairy lip just like she's always wanted at her next big bash when you shop in Mustache Party Party Supplies! This collection includes decorating kits, centerpieces, balloon bouquets, table covers, dinner plates, tattoos, and cups. You can also get fun favors to help the party last for days!


Get Hip with a Retro Little Man Mustache Party

Fall in line with the mustache madness! No need to find an elaborate costume, as this simple addition makes quite the transformation. From the handlebar and the Dali to the Fu Manchu and the pencil, there are a number of personalities to give everyone a fit of laughter. Your little ones will look absolutely adorable in their mustache disguise, and they will get a kick out of trying out different looks. From costumes and games to the cake decorations, you can’t go wrong with a mustache theme. It is the hottest trend all year round – not just in “Movember.” You will certainly have a blast at your ‘stache bash.

Quick pre-planning tip:

Keep the menu simple so all of your dapper little mustache men can enjoy the party. Prepare cold-cut sandwiches and use a mustache-shaped cookie cutter to make the meal fit with the theme. 


Forget pin the tail on the donkey! Try pin the mustache on the man. You can take this theme further than just the decorations. You could even let the kids design their own crazy facial hair designs for a unique look! Get creative with your ideas or browse through the Birthday Express Ideas page to get inspired.


I "mustache" you if you would like to come to my birthday party! Send your invitations with a smile and a laugh with clever lines written inside. Whether you want your big event to be a blast from the past, a hipster paradise or a silly affair, the perfect mustache invitation will set the tone right from the start.


Don't hide behind your mustache as a disguise - make it the center of attention! Use the Burt Reynolds, the Charlie Chaplin, the Ron Swanson and the Mario to turn your party into a tickling good time. From the cake toppers and place settings to the wall art and goodie bags, you can decorate the entire place. All of the little Dapper Dans running around the party will have a tickle on their funny bone as well as their top lip.

Balloon Bouquet

Take your decorations to new heights with a balloon bouquet of fabulous mustaches. Whether you use them as a centerpiece or tie them to each individual chair, an assortment of 'staches won't keep you down!


The birthday boy will be the center of attention on his special day, so why not make him the centerpiece too? Dress up each table with a goofy photo of your little mustache man, his age or a fun saying that will make him smile. Seeing how much he means to you on his big day will have him straightening his bow tie and standing a little taller.


Every little gentleman and lady at the table will be on his or her best behavior with a table set this stylish. Each plate, cup or napkin will don its very own bow tie, boiler hat and mustache, just like everyone else at the party. Little girls can revel in the fun as well with a feminine touch for the hip little chick. Pink place settings offer the same fun mustache theme. From pizza to cake, every bite will be a treat. Just remember to check those mustaches for food!


There will never be a dull moment with a little mustache man around. From the most mischievous of villains to the keenest detectives, there are many great characters who don a mustache. Whether you decide to dress up and play make believe, get creative with crafts or test your brains with famous mustache quizzes, you'll have no shortage of ways to keep guests of all ages entertained at your 'stache bash. 


Bash this 'stache with all your might to break open all of the goodies inside. Behind every mustache is something great, and that rings true with this giant swinging pinata that is sure to be a hit.


The cake is customized, so why shouldn't the plates get the same treatment? A mustache man is a man of honor and he makes sure no corners are cut—except for those on the cake covered in extra frosting. Make this party perfect from beginning to end.


Thank your mustachioed guests as they leave with the same dapper style that you welcomed them in with. Like a true gentlemen, you simply won’t allow your guests to leave empty-handed. Whether they take a cupcake for the road, a token photograph, their artsy crafts or a box full of goodies, every guest will have something to remind them of the ‘stache-tacular celebration. Boys and girls alike will love the eclectic choices of the mustache-themed party favors that they take home.

Filled Favor Buckets

Make every guest feel like the guest of honor with an amazing favor-filled bucket with all of the essentials for the perfect 'stache bash. Boiler hats, suspenders, goofy glasses and, of course, mustaches round out this party kit.

Favor Boxes

Make sure you prepare enough party favor boxes so you don't run into a hairy situation! Each guest will want one of these awesome boxes; they won't even care what treats await inside.


Everything is a little bit more meaningful when it comes with a personalized touch. Whether it is big or small, it lets that special little man or lady know he or she is truly worth celebrating. Take your 'stache bash over the top and decorate from head to toe with personalized mustache decor. That doesn't just mean wearing the birthday boy or girl's favorite Fu Manchu, though. Choose a name, saying or even a photo to personalize your decorations throughout the entire space.


Greet guests with a tip of the hat, a little curtsy and a big, bold, 'stache-tacular personalized banner. As they read the personalized message spread across in giant letters, you will be able to see their radiant smile under that remarkable mustachio.

Thank You Notes

Every little mustache man knows a firm handshake is a sure sign of gratitude, but it is good form to send guests a thank-you note as well. With fun shapes and patterns, a simple note will remind them of just how much fun they had at the bash. Make your "thank you" stand out by placing a few snapshots of your little mustache man and your guests at the party inside the note to evoke pleasant memories and a big smile.

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