Ladybug Party

These cute, friendly, and helpful bugs are the perfect choice for a young girl's birthday party who loves to play in the garden! Ladybug Party Party Supplies from Birthday Express has helpful tableware like cups, plates, and napkins, fun favors like personalized candy bars and suckers, and fun decorations like dangling cutouts, banners, and cake candles.


All the buzz is about a ladybug birthday!

Ladybugs are the fanciest insects of all, so why not let your party take flight with the best in polka dot party supplies? It’s her special day and she’ll be buzzing about as soon as she sees the setup of LadyBug Fancy birthday decorations, activities and party favors. Buy a complete Party in a Box or mix and match to find the perfect variety of supplies for your party. BirthdayExpress has everything you need and more to create a party your little one won’t soon forget. Create the most extravagant party and have your camera ready, because a black and red color scheme makes for the cutest of photo opportunities!

Quick pre-planning tip: 

Try accenting your red and black themed party with a grassy green color to tie the nature theme together. We suggest using lime green utensils and making a “grassy” centerpiece out of tissue paper. These will make adorable additions to your birthday party table spread.


Don’t have any ideas buzzing around in your head? No worries. Check out the BirthdayExpress Ideas and Inspiration blog for tips and tricks on how to plan the perfect birthday party for your little ladybug. You’ll find decoration ideas, DIY projects and way, way more to make your party pop.


Beautiful lady bug wings open up to reveal your exciting party invitation. Festive invitations are just what you need to get the party started. Give your guests all the details they need and they’ll be counting down the days, hours and minutes until the day of the party arrives.


Ladybugs spend a lot of their time in the garden, so turn your party into a haven for these spotted creatures. Whether you’re celebrating indoors or out, the party should be a burst of colorful springtime elements that truly capture the essence of a ladybug. Decorate the room with balloons, banners, DIY creations and more to set a fantastic scene. When it comes to your little one’s birthday party, there’s no such thing as too many decorations. Before you know it, you’ll be breathing in that fresh garden air, inspiring your guests to buzz about with smiles on their faces, one and all!

Ladybug Balloons

For a ladybug party, there’s no better option than our black and red polka dot balloons. Balloons add both color and cheer to any party, but these will make your venue bright and bold in no time at all. It wouldn’t be a Ladybug Fancy party without beautiful balloons tied to each chair!


The cute ladybugs and bright flowers make a charming addition to your party decorations. You can’t go wrong with the simplicity of this lovely ladybug-themed banner. Save yourself plenty of time and hassle when you simply hang this banner anywhere in the party area.


When planning a themed birthday party, coordinating your tableware is a must. Mix and match with different red, black and polka dotted plates, cups, napkins and plastic ware. Feel free to get a little creative and incorporate other nature-inspired colors to create an entire environment of festive fun. Just like each ladybug has a rare spot pattern, you can make your table pattern and spread look however you’d like. The possibilities are endless with all of your decoration options.


Simply the sight of a ladybug will make you happy, so of course a ladybug party would feature tons of activities to keep the fun flowing. Kids always enjoy the classic party games like a piñata, and they’ll love getting their picture taken in a delightful set of ladybug wings. No matter which activities you choose, your ladybug party will not disappoint.

Ladybug Pinata

A pull-string piñata gives every little ladybug a chance to get in on the action. This piñata is the perfect activity for kids of any age. Let them take turns pulling strings or have them tug all at once. And once the candy and treats are on the ground, the kids will be squealing in delight.

Dress Up

Dress up the guest of honor in these adorable lady bug wings. Let her fly around her very own party, greeting her guests with her dazzling smile and ladybug charm.


Your guests will be ready to give you a ladybug hug when they see all of the great party favors you have in store for them. They’ll feel like they just won the ladybug lottery! Find the best variety of ladybug and black and red themed party favors all in one convenient place. Planning an event is hard enough, so let us take the work out of this crucial birthday party element.

Ladybug Party Stickers

Whether you use them as decorations or simply place them in the treat bags, let these fancy sticker sheets be a part of your ladybug gathering. Planning a themed birthday party has never been easier with so many ladybug-themed options!

Empty Favor Box

Give your lucky ladybugs a favor box that flawlessly matches your party’s theme. Fill the boxes with goodies to remind your guests of the ladybug party forever! 

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