Jurassic World

Get party favors, tableware items, and big decorations for the perfect birthday party when you get Jurassic World Party Supplies! Get everything from dinner plates and personalized cups to big balloons and personalized banners, to tattoos, gliders, and stickers! Everyone will be in awe of the huge creatures adorning these fun items!


Get Your Blood Pumping with a Jurassic World Party

Instill the excitement of the hottest Blockbuster of the summer with these great party supplies. Partygoers will be on their toes from the moment they walk in the door. From the moment they get the invitation until the time comes for cake and everything in between, your little ones will get a kick out of the roaring dinosaurs that dot the landscape of the event. Whether they are dashing to safety or letting their imaginations run wild with history, this is sure to be a favorite.

Quick pre-planning tip:

Setting up the perfect party requires a lot of planning and preparation. Craft the essentials with some time to spare the day before, like baking the perfect fossil cake. Cover up sugar bones with a layer of icing for a hidden effect that the kids will be eager to dig up.


While your kids may be smitten with Jurassic World, you will get a kick out of visiting your love for Jurassic Park. Make it a movie night with your family to brush up on the classic before setting out for the fest. Draw inspiration from the Birthday Express Idea Blog and give it a Jurassic spin to fit your theme.This is some text.


Make your guests jump out of their seat with anticipation. Once they receive their invitation, they will let their curiosity take rule and their imaginations will run wild with all the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for the day. Tease their interest with a sneak peek of what the day will hold.


It’s a jungle out there and you never know what is lurking behind that corner. While these beasts may not be small in any sense of the word, they sure can give you quite the surprise. Get in the spirit for a surprise party with decorations from the floor to ceiling. You will have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to evoking the eeriness of the Jurassic World. Adorn the walls, tabletops and other surfaces with images of these prehistoric creatures that just may come to life.

Balloon Bouquet

Everyone knows that when you are looking to plan a bash, you are going to need balloons galore. There is nothing like walking into a room and have everything be decked out in the theme of your choice. That's exactly how it is going to be when you purchase this Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom Balloon Bouquet. All of your friends are going to wonder where you found all of these awesome latex items for your perfect party. 

Party Pack

Make mealtime an adventure with this thrilling Jurassic World Party Pack. When guests get hungry, your food table becomes the center of the party and these Jurassic World party supplies are the perfect items for your kids to eat with. 


Running for your life certainly requires a lot of energy. Whether you are facing the prehistoric creatures head on or trying your best to find the perfect hiding place, your appetite will grow as big as theirs. Set up the perfect spread with Jurassic World tableware that will make cleaning up a cinch. From snack to cake, these paper plates, cups and napkins will keep crumbs to a minimum to help prevent attracting any dinosaurs to the feast. Parents also love that they don’t have to do the dishes at the end of the day. It’s a win-win for everyone. Parents get an easy clean-up and the kids get the perfect party that will keep them in awe from start to finish.


One thing that the characters of Jurassic World certainly are is active. It is physically demanding to be ready for anything at a moment's notice. Give your party an authentic spin by choosing activities that get your bodies moving. Host your party at an indoor amusement park or an outdoor park with plenty of space to run. Games like hide and seek, tag and capture the flag can all be played with a dino as the “bad guys.” Their adrenaline will pump as their imaginations run wild with the thought of getting caught by a velociraptor! By the end of the day, they will be completely tuckered out and ready to sleep soundly.


Every good park keeper knows the tricks of taming the dinosaurs, but when exhibits go wild, you had better swing for the fences. This Jurassic World piñata features the face of a fierce T-rex, but when the blindfold goes on, your heart will thump even louder! You have to swing as hard as you can to protect yourself – and of course to get the bounty of candy that is waiting to break free for everyone to grab.

Jurassic World Gliders

If you need to survey the land of Jurassic World, it is best to do it from safe heights. Even if the coast looks clear, you never know what is lurking behind the brush and waiting for a tasty treat. Give your party guests a glider and see how far they can fly before they land in the danger zone!

Photo Opportunities

Have guests strike a pose while danger is creeping up behind them. Let them get dressed up or make it casual. They can grab a friend or take it solo. The fun never ends with a photo op. You can even use the images you get to send along in your thank you notes for a personal touch.

Dress Up

This fear-inducing mask is great for games or photo ops. You can have one or two kids dress up as the T-Rex while all the others run away, trying to not get tagged. But whoever is “it” needs to wear the mask. And when things wind down, the mask makes a great prop for the photo booth, too.


Don’t let anyone leave empty-handed. After an active day full of excitement, your guests will definitely want something to remember this epic day by. It’s not every day that you get to have a run-in with a dinosaur! Thank them for making your special day even more special with a great party favor that will echo the theme of the event.

Favor Box

You never know what is going to pop out of this box, so open with caution! Send guests home with a token of your appreciation for sharing your big day with you and the big beasts.


Every kid loves a sticker. Whether they rock it on their t-shirt, use it to decorate their school supplies or mark their gift box with their favorite sticker, the options are endless. Send them home with a sheet so they can decorate wherever they want with a little prehistoric touch. 

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