Hunting Camo

With the Hunting Camo Party Supplies, your son and his best friends will be ready to take over the forest and the wilderness at his next big birthday! There are lots of party supplies like tableware, party decorations, and prom favors, all featuring hunting camo designs, and perfect for making an event you can be proud of!


A Camo Party is Sure to Be a Prized Catch

Whether your little guy just loves to be outdoors or he wants to be an avid hunter just like his dad, a camo party will be right on target. This tough-as-nails birthday-party theme is exactly what you have been searching for during those transition ages. A theme full of TV or movie characters may feel too childish for him, but these rough-and-tumble camo decorations will make him feel like he is all grown up. He can impress his friends with his knowledge of the outdoors and move through his celebration with his head held high.

Quick pre-planning tip:

Just like the recipe for a successful hunt, you need to be well prepared for a successful birthday party. Buy all of your décor, party favors and games weeks in advance when you have the guest list set. Two days before the party, be sure to get all of your groceries so you can prep everything the night before and make finishing touches on the day of the celebration. Once everything is set and calming down, all you have to do is sit and wait for the party guests to arrive.


Check out the Birthday Express Ideas Blog for inspiration on everything from decorations to food. Every host or hostess needs a little assistance every now and then. Don’t be afraid to pick up some pointers from those who have gone before, and we promise there aren’t any unrealistic big-fish stories on our blog. All posts include accessible tips and tricks.


The hardest part about throwing a birthday celebration is narrowing down the guest list. Once you have your lucky few selected, send out your invitations so they can clear their calendars for the celebration. Just be sure to give good directions to the party location so they don’t have to track their way there!


Now you can bring the outdoors in with an amazing camouflage-themed party. Your entire party space will look like the middle of the woods with a little help from BirthdayExpress. All you need is a Party in a Box and you will be all set for a birthday celebration that your little man will never, ever forget. Whether he bags the big trophy or he just enjoys the time he gets to spend with friends, this is the prefect theme for your maturing little man. From wall to wall, these fetching outdoorsy decorations will give your space that masculine touch he wants.

Birthday Banner

Keep spirits festive with a jointed birthday banner. The camo cutout letters and deer head centerpiece fit in perfectly with your celebration. He will appreciate the splash of birthday cheer that still allows him to feel like the center of attention without compromising his tough exterior.

Camo Table Cover

Keep your house clean even among a whirlwind of messy boys. Protect your dining room table with a camo table cover that will blend right in to its surroundings. Spills won’t make their way to your lovely furniture with this cover, and that means the party can go on and on no matter what, with nothing but smiles coming from the host and hostess!


Every hunter has a special appreciation for food. Make sure your avid outdoorsmen have the chance to refuel properly after a full day of activities and games. No matter what you serve to a group of hungry young boys, their plates will be clean in an instant. So make sure that your plates, napkins and cups are something worth looking at while you clear their places for the cutting of the cake. And don’t forget, having stylish tableware isn’t just a decoration perk. It also means less cleaning up for you and no washing dirty dishes!


Let them burn off all of that wild energy with plenty of fun and games. With competitions of marksmanship, obstacle courses and puzzles, they will be required to use their brains and brawn to make it through each activity.

Deer Wall Decoration

Create a true hunting atmosphere with the Hunting Camo Honeycomb Wall Decoration. This fake deer head will surely add a feeling of hunting outdoor fever!


Add more fun to the hunting festivities with the Pink Camo Pinata Kit. This fun party game will have all the kids enjoying the hunting-themed party.


Thank your guests for sharing your special day with you. Part of the allure of hunting is bonding with the people who go out into the field or forest with you, and the same goes for birthday celebrations, too. It simply wouldn’t be the same without your friends by your side! Show your thanks and give them something to remember the day by.

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Favor Boxes

These fun-filled boxes already have everything you need inside them. If you are short on time or if you don't want to rack your brain for what would make a good party favor, the folks at BirthdayExpress have you covered with this party favor box.

Dog Tags

Every camo outfit looks a little bit better with some dog tags. Your guests will love wearing these around, and because they are blank they can even be personalized for each guest.

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