Fun in the Sun


Cool off your birthday excitement with a pool party!

Floundering around trying to figure out themes for your kid's summer birthday? Everybody loves a pool party! Beat the summer heat and splash with joy with plenty of water games both in the pool and out on land. Boys and girls alike will be eager to jump right in. With so many options for aquatic games and decorations, you can really figure out what your child enjoys most. Is it pirates, the nautical life or the mystery of the deep sea? There are so many choices right at the surface and even more unique treasures if you choose to dive down into the deep! 

Quick pre-planning tip:

The one risk we run with any outdoor celebration is whether the weather will cooperate. When you schedule your pool party, always plan either a rain date or make a backup plan that can be executed in the case of inclement weather. Be sure to keep a close eye on the weather report the week prior to the big day so you aren’t taken by surprise. A little sprinkle won’t keep the kids away, but a cold thunderstorm certainly will.


Make a splash before anyone even breaks off the first cannonball with some amazing decorations set on dry land. A day at the pool is exciting as is, so you need to really make this celebration stand out with some fun and festive décor. Because you will be outdoors, be sure to tightly secure all banners, streamers and hanging décor so it doesn’t blow away with a gust of the breeze. Plenty of balloons can be tied to either the pavilion or directly to the tables where you will be cutting the cake and serving other treats.


An outdoor party needs a little extra pizazz; so don’t forget the big vinyl banner! You can hang this by the entryway to let guests know they have arrived or hang it above your main party table to let the kids know where to find you.

Pool Party Balloon Bouquet

This beautiful balloon bouquet will dance in the breeze, and you don’t even have to worry about them getting wet. This sparkling décor can handle a splash or two. Just make sure you tie down the bouquets securely so they don’t fly away!


A party isn’t complete without the cake! Bring the theme to the table with playful place settings that reflect the overall look of the party. A matching set will look cool and collected, while a mixture of vibrant colors can be playful and unexpected. With a stunning centerpiece, the table will look flawless. Keep plenty of land games in your back pocket, too, like a water balloon toss, to keep the kids entertained while they digest their sugary treats.


It won’t be a challenge to keep the kids entertained with a day at the pool. Your job is simple once everyone arrives. But it is nice to have a few backup plans in case the kids are stuck on dry land, like during lifeguard breaks or after a meal. Keep them active with fun summer games like a traditional piñata, a water balloon toss, super soakers or plenty of sidewalk chalk. You can even play fun games of catch in and out of the pool with splash balls.


Take a swing to see what hides inside. Fill your beach ball piñata with fun summer treats like sunglasses, squirt guns and, of course, plenty of candy and bubble gum! Guests will be lining up and eager to be the one who breaks the ball open.

Yo-Yo Tricks

Think back to the lazy summer days of your childhood. Some of the best moments most likely include trying tirelessly to master new tricks with your yo-yo. What a perfect way to pass some time and watch them focus as they work on “Walk the Dog” or “Around the World.”

Pool Party Photo Opportunities

Create memories that you can look back on with a fun photo booth area. You can gather props and cut-outs to create a fun scene where each guest can have their 5 minutes of fame. Don’t forget to grab a shot of the entire group to capture the joy of this special day.

Splash Balls

Your guests will have a blast tossing these water-soaked balls in an exciting game of catch. Whether they are playing on dry land or in the pool, each catch will end with a big ol’ splash of water right back at you.


Sharing this special day with all of your friends and family is what makes it so memorable. Be sure to give them a token of your appreciation and something for them to remember the day by with a fun-filled party favor.

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