Curious George

All of your party guests will be happy little monkeys at your next birthday party when you get Curious George Party Supplies! All of these items feature this inquisitive and friendly animal pal, and include tableware like plastic table covers and napkins, party favors like masks and blow outs, and decorations like balloons, party hats, and more.


Throw A Party That's All About Monkeying Around

For many of us, that beloved curious monkey, George, and his friend, the Man in the Yellow Hat, were mainstays in our childhood. Now, these iconic characters have been revived for a new generation by a popular cartoon series. Parents have come to love this cartoon not only because of the familiar characters, but because of its educational value. George is always getting into something, and his curiosity frequently leads him to learn and discover something new. For your child’s next birthday party, bring home their favorite primate and let them explore their curiosity so they can discover how much fun learning is.

Quick pre-planning tip: 

With a monkey as the center of your party, you can really do some creative things to get the kids to eat healthy. Consider serving a variety of fruits, for example, because that’s what George would eat! We’re not saying to skip on cake, though; after all, whether you are human or monkey, there’s always room for cake!


There’s a lot going on in George’s wild and fun world, and the question, of course, is how to make that world wonderful and curious to your little monkeys. Fortunately, we have a huge number of party themes in our Ideas blog. As a result, you can indulge your own curiosity and find inspiration in a number of different party games and preparations.


The fun starts long before the cake is baked! These invitations serve as monkey calls to all the other curious primates (and humans) throughout your neighborhood and school! Each packet comes with eight invitations and envelopes to get everyone excited to come explore the jungle of fun that will be growing at your child’s party!


Make your home part of the festivities and get guests in the celebrating mood with Curious George decorations. Choose from balloons, banners, ribbons, wall decals, centerpieces and more to set the tone of the party and get all the little monkeys excited to be a part of your child’s big day. With such a large selection of decorations, you can find everything you need for a one-of-a-kind Curious George birthday party. Your child will be jumping with joy to have Curious George monkeying around for the day. It will be a birthday everyone is sure to remember.

Balloon Bouquet

Brighten up the day with this colorful Curious George Balloon Bouquet. The bouquet includes two round Curious George foil balloons, two gold star foil balloons, and sky blue latex balloons. The bouquet also includes a matching blue balloon weight and ribbons to hold the balloons in place.


This Curious George jointed birthday banner is a great way to bring Curious George into the home and wish your child a happy birthday. The banner features a picture of Curious George along with jointed colorful letters that spell “Happy Birthday”.


Not all monkeys eat off plates or drink from cups. Fortunartely, however, the bunch running around your house will have learned that skill, and they’ll be delighted when they see the big smiling face of George greeting them on their napkins, plates and cups. We even have a Curious George table cover to keep the spills and frosting off your family’s table. The success of a themed party is often in the details. With themed table wear, your guests will not only be wild with joy, but once they all leave you won’t be left with a sink full of dirty dishes.  


If there’s one thing you can count on for your child’s Curious George party, it’s that there’s going to be a whole lot of monkeying around. As a result, you’re going to have to figure out some way to control the fun—and the madness. Fortunately, we have activities to help you do just that. Best of all, you won’t have to spend hours swinging through various department stores trying to find the right thing. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll have them delivered to your doorstep, making the planning process convenient, easy and fun so you can spend your time setting up your jungle at home.

Curious George Pinata

Each Curious George piñata is individually crafted to be as unique as your child’s birthday party. You can decide to use this like a traditional piñata and have the kids take turns trying to hit it open. On the other hand, they can also try to find the single magic string! Pull this and a treasure trove of candy and goodies will rain out.  

Photo Opportunities

Turn an ordinary wall into an extraordinary adventure scene. There’s no easier way to make your child and their guests know they’ve entered George’s wondrous world than with this wall decal. Package includes 10 Peel-and-Stick Giant Wall Decals. Best of all, they can “stick” around after the party is over for year-round enjoyment.


You’ve put a lot of work into making sure your kid has the best birthday ever (at least until they see what you have in store for next year). Part of what makes every party so fun is all the guests who came out to celebrate. Be sure to show all their little friends just how much you appreciate their company by giving them a party favor to take home. These thoughtful gestures are a great way to ensure that your party will be remembered for a long time, and the favors will get them excited for your kid’s next birthday party, too.

Party Favor Kit

Monkeys, stickers, blowouts and bubbles! Does this sound like an amusement park? Kind of, but it’s much smaller than that. Our Curious George Filled Party Favor Kit is an inexpensive gift for your guests that’s bursting with fun. With a finger puppet, coloring book and more, you might even want to get an extra one for yourself!

Pinata Filler Toys

What’s a sure-fire recipe for a great piñata? Candy and toys, of course! We’ve gathered little toys, including bubbles, stickers, whistles and a whole lot more. The kids will love these toys!

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