From the fun of the animals to the pratfalls and pranks of the clowns, the Circus Party Supplies are perfect for your next big birthday! With fun favors, colorful pieces of decoration, and handy tableware, you'll be able to make an event your special child and all of his guests will be talking about for days!


Step Right Up! It’s a Carnival Party Extraordinaire!

Everyone loves the carnival. With spectacles like the strong man, two-headed woman, bearded lady, trapeze artists and unicyclists, the carnival is a place of wonder and amazement as impossible feats are performed before your eyes. Don’t forget about the animals, either! Carnivals are full of gorgeous elephants, majestic horses, terrifying lions and many more exotic animals from around the world. With sights like that, who wouldn’t love the carnival? With party supplies from Birthday Express, you can bring the carnival home to you and throw a magical birthday party that people will remember for years to come.

Quick pre-planning tip:

Write down all of the supplies you need for the party so you don’t forget anything. The list will come in handy when you’re shopping from store to store. Plus, you’ll get the satisfaction every time you get to cross an item off the list.


Are you determined to throw a spectacular party that guests will be raving about for years? Check out the Birthday Express Ideas Blog for all of the best ideas on themes, decorations, food, activities and more. Expert tips are available for every step of the party-planning process.


Step right up and get your ticket for the big show! These Carnival Games Invitations are a great way to let guests know about your birthday party. When these spectacular invitations arrive in the mailbox, your guests won’t be able to contain their excitement.


The decorations from Birthday Express allow you to bring the carnival straight from the big top to your home. We have classic party decorations, like balloons and banners, as well as special designs customized for the carnival, like a cardboard ticket booth, pop-up candy stand and a cardboard carnival man with a direction sign pointing people to their favorite spectacles. Everything you need to set the scene is ready for you at Birthday Express. Now all you need are some elephants and a woman with two heads, but we recommend using your imagination for those.

Carnival Balloon Bouquet

Balloons are a must for every birthday party, especially a carnival-themed birthday party. A balloon bouquet from Birthday Express will help transform your party into a real carnival. You can also use the bouquet to decorate a table or designate where the birthday boy or girl will sit.

Outdoor Decorating Kit

Want to enjoy the beautiful weather and have an outdoor party? You can still set the scene for your larger-than-life carnival party with the Giant Outdoor Carnival Decorating Kit. Each kit includes a large welcome sign, fringe banner, pennant banner and plastic bunting.


One of the best things about the carnival is its food. Cotton candy, peanuts and popcorn are all carnival favorites and will be the perfect treats to serve at your carnival-themed party. If you’re going to have food, you need tableware to serve the food, and Birthday Express has all the supplies you need. We have plates, silverware, cups and napkins to accompany any type of food you’ll be serving. Big Top Snack Servers are also available and are the perfect way to hand out the famous peanuts and popcorn.


When it comes to party planning, the trickiest part is picking the activities. Keeping kids entertained and under control for a whole party seems impossible. Fortunately, carnivals are full of fun and games, giving you plenty of activity options for your carnival birthday party. If you’re still stuck coming up with ideas, Birthday Express has some activities already planned for you, like a potato sack race, ball toss, ring toss and balloon darts. With a carnival theme for your birthday party, the possibilities are endless.

Carnival Pinata

The Circus Big Top piñata makes the kids jump with excitement as they anxiously wait to take their swing and free the candy inside. This isn’t your average piñata though; this piñata is super-sized at 17 inches tall and has a uniquely crafted design to fit right into your carnival theme.

Ball Toss

Have kids try their luck at the classic carnival ball toss. See who has the best hand-eye coordination and can score the most points by hitting the center hole. Just remember, at the carnival, everyone’s a winner.


The guests are the most important part of the party, and party favors are the perfect way to thank them for being a part of your child’s special day. Send them home with goodie bags full of sweet treats and toys, or give them something extra during the party to show your appreciation. Party favors are also a way for your child’s friends to take a piece of the party home with them and remember the fun adventures they had at the carnival.

Lollipop Favor

Everyone has a sweet tooth and these Whirly Pops will hit the spot. Hand out the Whirly Pops as a sweet snack at the party or let guests take the treats home.

Favor Boxes

Send partygoers home with a mixture of fun carnival-themed toys to remind them of all the fun they had at your child’s birthday party. Add a blowout, a sponge clown nose, round flashing safety light and a mini rubber duck to the carnival printed favor box. 

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