Bubble Guppies Party Supplies

Bubble Guppy Party Supplies are colorful, fun items that are great for a birthday party for underwater adventurers! You can find napkins, utensils, dinner plates, plastic favor cups, and entire packs of handy items, balloons, temporary tattoos, hats, candles, hanging decorations, personalized buttons, and plenty of other fun party supplies!


Splash into a fin-tastic party with the Bubble Guppies 

Have the hilarious antics of the Bubble Guppies captured your preschooler’s heart? You can earn parent-of-the-year by planning a spectacular themed birthday party for your child based on the adventures of the six fish-tailed kids who have made the show so popular. Molly, Gil, Oona, Deema, Nonny and Goby spend each day together learning important lessons while living in the ocean, so a party packed with colorful underwater décor and a few fun activities is guaranteed to thrill your own guppy and all his buddies. In just a few simple steps, you can bring your Bubble Guppy party to life! 

Quick pre-planing tip:

Every episode features the guppies singing a catchy tune about what they’re learning. Download some of these songs and play them in the background as party guests arrive to set the scene perfectly. 


Want to give party guests the feeling of getting wet and wild without the water mess? Grab a couple inflatable kiddy pools and fill them with plastic balls used for ball pits. All the kids will have a blast! 


Let all the little guppies know that it’s time to party by sending out colorful Bubble Guppies invitations a few weeks prior to the big day. This fun invitation features Molly, Gil and Deema swimming with beloved bubble puppy. 


The underwater world of Bubble Guppies can easily be created with the right décor. Our collection of fun Bubble Guppy decorations in vivid colors is sure to set the scene for the party of the year! From balloon bouquets and piñatas to birthday candles and character facemasks, we’ve got you covered. For extra party pizzazz, add a few strings of blue holiday lights to give the appearance of a sparkling setting beneath the water’s surface. Bubble-tastic!

Airwalker Balloon

If you’re looking for an outstanding centerpiece or want to accent the entryway to greet guests, the Bubble Guppies Foil Balloon will make a big impression. The huge 39" balloons is a great addition to the party 

Personalized Banner

Birthday boys and girls will squeal with delight when they see their name printed on a customized banner featuring their favorite Bubble Guppies. Select the size that works best for your space and hang it by the presents or as a backdrop by the buffet. 


If you want to plan party activities, let the Bubble Guppies be your inspiration! Have some fishy fun by placing magnetic fish in the bath or a plastic tub, then have each child take turns capturing as many as he can with a fishing pole or net. Another idea is to give each child a Bubble Guppy bucket and list for a fun age-appropriate scavenger hunt in the backyard. Finally, classic party staples like piñatas are always a winning option. 

Photo Opportunities

No party is complete without some photo fun! Create the perfect backdrop with the Bubble Guppies Wall Decorating Kit featuring five pieces that measure over 6 feet tall. Each child will instantly feel like he is one of the Bubble Guppy crew.

Activity Placemat

Give the kids a bubbly activity while they eat. The Bubble Friends Activity Placemats have an assortment of underwater characters on them. Color away!


Everyone will have such a great time at the party and you’ll want to thank each child for coming with some fun party favors. We have a variety of small Bubble Guppies toys that will make them grin ear to ear! In addition to themed party favors, other great guest gifts include bottles of bubbles, Swedish fish, blue clay and underwater temporary tattoos. Have your child help choose the gifts for your guests and construct the favor bags together – you’ll teach gratitude and have fun in the process. 

Cupcake Wrapper
Pick Kit

Send guests home with a sweet treat with our Bubble Guppies Cupcake Wrapper Kit. The reversible cupcake wrappers feature two design choices to match your party theme, and kids will love the Bubble Guppies ring toppers.

Bubble Guppies
Favor Boxes

Save time with our adorable yet affordable Bubble Guppies Filled Party Favor Boxes. This all-in-one Bubble Guppies box includes a tropical fish lollipop, sea life pop up, crab squirter, rainbow yo-yo and plush gold fish.


A Bubble Guppy themed party is something your favorite guppy fan is sure to love, but you can make the party décor extra special by adding touches of personalization for a truly customized look. Our collection of Bubble Guppies party supplies has a variety of decorations that can be personalized with photos and names so your son or daughter feels like the No. 1 gup! From banners to plates, you’ll find everything you need to take your party over the top. 

Thank You Notes

When the party is over, the to-do’s aren’t quite done yet! Sit down with your child and fill out thank-you notes for all guests who attended the party. Choose from thank-you cards that feature Gil and his favorite fish-tastic pet, Bubble Puppy, or, an option that features Gil, Molly and Goby alongside the Little Fish. Help your child to write a special note and if she is able, have her sign the card herself. Pop it in the mail and you’re done, it's that simple!


Wait … there’s a seventh Bubble Guppy? It appears so when you customize this awesome banner with your child’s picture! Her eyes will light up as she sees herself next to the Bubble Guppy crew with Bubble Puppy. 

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