Blaze and the Monster Machines

You can create a birthday party your little guy is sure to love when you have Blaze and the Monster Machines Party Supplies! These huge motor vehicles adorn everything from tableware like dinner plates and cups to decorations like pinatas, personalized candy bar wrappers, and balloons, and you'll even be able to hand out fun party favors!

Blaze and the Monster Machines

Your Blaze and the Monster Machines Party Will Crush the Competition

Rev up your child’s birthday celebration with a little help from Blaze, AJ and the rest of the Monster Machines. Your little one will love turning the birthday celebration into another one of the challenges that Blaze and AJ need to solve. With plenty of games and puzzles, your celebration will be on fire! Just like the educational TV show, parents will love this birthday party theme. It is easy to prepare for and can be just as educational and interactive as the show itself. Whether your little guy loves the challenge of the puzzles or he just loves the fun monster trucks and speedy races, Blaze and the Monster Machines are the perfect companions for the next birthday bash.

Quick Planning Tip 

Ever see the parent who is running around the party like a truck with no driver, just accelerating aimlessly and looking ready to crash? Don’t let that be you! Make a plan well before party day and you will have a smooth ride on the racetrack. A week before your party, get all of your decorations set up near where you will hang them. That includes any games and party favors. This way, when it is time to set up you won’t be left searching for every little piece.

Find inspiration

Browse the Ideas blog to get inspired by other over-the-top celebrations that really wow the crowd. A big party doesn’t mean you need to exhaust yourself. Follow the tips and tricks from other themes to simplify your planning while still taking it full speed.

Send the Invites      

Make your list of your little one’s closest friends and classmates and start writing out their names. With these fun and playful invitations, parents will be happy to see that the kids are attending a party that will entertaing them and even keep their little minds working, too. If only you could have Blaze, Crusher or even Darington deliver the invitations; that would be the real icing on the cake!


Intro paragraph for decorations – Kids will be racing to get into this party. With so many great decorations, you will be the talk of the town for the whole year. With a few simple accents, banners and streamers, you can really transform your place into a day on the racetrack. Line the halls to look like a roadway and wave the checkered flag wherever it fits. With a few splashes of color and images of the Blaze and the Monster Machines characters, this party will certainly be a winner at the finish line. Boys and girls will both be able to appreciate the fun colors and friendly faces.


Partygoers will know to start the celebration when they see the checkered flag banner. They will crank it up to full throttle and hit the gas pedal, ready to go! Add a special touch to your welcome banner with a little personalization. Let the birthday boy know that it is his special day.


As kids are waiting at the table ready to refuel with some cake, they will love searching for their favorite characters on this plastic table cover. No more cleaning up messes off your good kitchen table, because you'll be able to just wipe off the cover and keep on partying!


The peak of the party is just like the last leg of the race. Everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting to see who crosses the finish line first, or in this case to see what flavor birthday cake they will get. Every kid looks forward to cutting the cake, and they will anticipate it even more with plenty of their favorite characters waiting to join them at the table.


Keep the kiddos entertained with plenty of games and puzzles inspired by Blaze and the Monster Machines. As they work hard together to solve the puzzles, they will be rewarded with special treats. But you can’t have a party without at least a few classic games like a piñata or a good photo booth!


Take a swing and crush the piñata like you were Crusher. You will be pleasantly surprised when a waterfall of goodies comes pouring out of this brilliant blue star.

Wheel Yo-yo

Take the car for a spin with this perfectly designed wheel yo-yos. What a perfect favor to give away to guests. They will love learning new tricks and competing against one another.

Trophy for Games

It wouldn’t be a day at the racetrack if someone didn’t get to hold a trophy in the winner's circle. Be sure to get as many photo ops with this grand trophy as possible with all of your guests, because they are all winners.

Photo Opportunities

See if you can catch the kids for a quick photo when they are standing still. You will need to have a fast finger in order to capture the shot at the right moment, or maybe aim for a photo finish and see who breaks through the streamer first!


Thank all of your guests for sharing this special day with you and your family. Send them home with something to remember the day by and something to occupy them while that sugar rush wears off.

Splat Rock

This mesmerizing toy will keep them occupied during the ride home. Squeeze it, toss it or splat it down on the table. This ball transforms to all shapes.

Barrel of Slime

Just like the oil used to keep all of the Monster Machines running efficiently, this black barrel of slime is ooey and gooey. Kids will get a kick out of the texture and will love grossing out their siblings when they get home.

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