Get some cute animals for your next fun birthday party with the help of the Barnyard Party Supplies you can get here! There are all kinds of great items, like tableware, balloons, party favors and gifts, cake supplies, pinatas, and other great items, all to help your special day look perfect!


Even Old McDonald will be Envious of this Barnyard Party

With a “moo, moo” here and an “oink, oink” there, your kids will go wild for this barnyard theme. Get the true experience without all of the extra dirt and mud. Kids will love playing farmer or even the role of the animals. You will instantly hear the sounds of a true farm when each kid imitates his or her favorite animal. This is a simple party theme that can fit any age. Keep it simple for toddlers or play up a rancher or cowboy theme for the older kids. There are plenty of games to keep everyone entertained, and the menu is ready for a long list of farm-fresh foods that will be healthy and satisfying for your little ones.

Quick Planning Tip 

You don’t need to grow your own vegetables to prep for meals, but it doesn’t hurt to get the kids down and dirty with a little farm work. Prep party favors that include a small herb or flower pot that guests can bring home, nurture and watch grow. The party will live on with them well after the last guests have left.

Find Inspiration

If you’ve ever stepped out to take in the fresh air during a farm-side sunrise, you know that it leaves you feeling totally inspired. With this barnyard theme, the options are endless and you will be eager to try it all. Scan the Birthday Express Ideas Blog for some great inspiration that will get the windmills in your mind churning out ideas. You will never hit a road block with this many options to choose from.

Send the Invites

Don’t wait for the rooster to tell all your friends about the party; send an invitation to your barnyard birthday bash the right way! These colorful cards will call all your party animals to head on over to the corral for a birthday that you’ll never forget.


Your child can have a farm-filled fun time when you add bright barnyard decorations to the birthday party. Choose from colorful balloons, banners, centerpieces, tablecovers, wall decals, scene setters and more so your child and party guests can celebrate the big day with a group of cute barnyard animals!

Balloon Bouquet 

Brighten up your child’s big day with this fun, colorful Barnyard Balloon Bouquet. The bouquet has everything you need to create a beautiful barnyard balloon display, including cow print latex balloons, foil balloons with barnyard animal images, and bold red and gold star foil balloons, as well as and ribbon and a weight to secure the bouquet in place.


Add a banner to your barnyard bash! Your child will feel extra special during the big day when you display this personalized birthday banner at the party. The Barnyard Personalized Vinyl Banner features barnyard animals and allows you to provide a personalized Happy Birthday message including your child’s name. 


Just because your party is decorated like a barn doesn’t mean your guests need to eat out of troughs. Treat your party animals to a special night with playful plates and themed cups that will keep the smiles as vibrant as the country sun.


You don’t want a herd of wild barnyard animals running around your home with nothing to do, so be sure to give them plenty of entertainment and activities to keep them occupied! Don’t rely on tired games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Shake it up and keep the kids guessing with a farm-fresh spin on old favorites.


Take a swing at the piñata with all of your might to see what surprises hide inside. A little birdie in the barnyard told us about all of the sweet treats hidden in there, so give it your best shot!

Dress Up

Go ahead, have a cow! This is a party worth going all out for. Get dressed up to play the part and don’t forget to practice your barnyard sounds. With a “moo, moo here and a moo, moo there,” those smiling little faces with light up everywhere.


Put a little extra emphasis on the celebration with these birthday blowouts. You only turn two once in your life, so make this birthday a good one full of smiles and laughter.

Wall Decals 

Don’t want to bring the petting zoo inside your home? We can’t say that we blame you. Get the barnyard feel without the barnyard smell or mess with these adorable wall decals.


Don’t be a piggy and hoard all the gifts for yourself! Share the love and the fun by preparing some party favors for each and every one of your guests. Whether you have spent the day rooting in mud or searching for a needle in the haystack, everyone deserves a nice, shiny token of appreciation to commemorate the wonderful celebration. Give each guest a single gift with a name tag wrapped around it, or shower them in favors that spill over the box like the silos after a great harvest season. Whatever you choose, it is the sentiment that matters, of course, so be sure to personally hand each guest his or her favor as everyone leaves. Then, thank them for celebrating your special day with you.

Filled Favor Boxes

Variety doesn’t end at the barnyard. Keep the entertainment going strong with this elaborate barnyard-themed favor box. With so many fun gifts disguised as items you would find on the farm, guests will certainly get a giggle out of the creative toys.

Paper Masks

Some favors simply can’t wait until the end of the party to be handed out. These masks are more of a welcoming gift that can be handed to each guest once he or she enters through the barn doors. With their very own barnyard animal character to play, kids will quickly get into the celebratory spirit.

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