Ballerina Party Supplies

For the budding dancer, a day of incredible birthday fun can become even more special when you get some great Ballerina Party Supplies! Individual items like plates, napkins, cups, and utensils as well as huge party packs make for easy decorating, and you can also get personalized party favors like buttons or stickers, balloons big or small, and more!


Anyone can be a beautiful ballerina at your birthday party!

Ballet is like dancing on your feet, and your little one will be dancing all over the place when she finds out she’s having a ballerina-themed birthday party! Find everything you need from party supplies to decorations and invitations. And don’t forget the sparkly ballet slippers for each and every guest. You’ll have the most graceful party in town when you decorate pretty in pink. Host a ballerina birthday party and both your daughter and her friends will forever be dancing through life. A dance-themed party is the perfect way to guarantee your little girl’s best birthday yet.

Quick pre-planning tip:

Decorating cookies is always a hit at parties. Your tiny ballerinas will love being able to frost and sprinkle their own star, flower and butterfly-shaped cookies. Have the supplies out and ready for a stellar DIY take-home gift!


Pressed for time and inspiration? Use the Birthday Express Ideas blog to liven up your party ideas. From DIY ideas to party tips and tricks, this blog is sure to help you prepare to throw a ballerina party that won’t disappoint.


It’s time to let all the ballerinas know there’s going to be a party! Bring all your daughter’s best friends over for a dance party that won’t disappoint. Find space to include all the important information on these pretty pink invitations!


You’ll want to make sure everyone who comes to your party knows exactly what the theme is: ballerina! From table decorations to banners and tableware, you’ll find everything you need to turn your house into your very own ballet studio. You’ll even be able to personalize these decorations to truly make the guest of honor feel special.

Table Cover

Keep your table clean and looking great at the same time with this ballerina honeycomb centerpiece. You’ll light up the entire room once you place this centerpiece on your table and create a beautiful setting.


Spruce up any party venue with a personalized ballerina birthday banner. With two adorable ballerinas on either side, this banner showcases the elegant ballet style your party theme is going for.


Your party isn’t complete without a matching set of tableware for each little guest! You’ll need everything from plates and cups to napkins and plastic ware. The little ballerinas will love enjoying their cake, ice cream, pizza or snacks on cute pink plates!


Once you have all the decorations in order, it’s time to plan the party’s activities. Keep the little ones occupied and having fun with a variety of games, puzzles and activities. Ballerinas are known for their serious dedication, but they sure do like to have fun every now and then! Kids of all ages can come together to enjoy these activities, from hitting the piñata to activity placemats and photo-shoot opportunities. Equip your party with all you need for fun!

Ballerina Pinata

A classic party favorite, this ballet slipper shaped piñata will fit right in with your pretty theme. Not only is this a fun game for guests to play, it also serves as a cute decoration before the activity begins!

Activity Placemats

Ballerinas love all colors, not just pink, so they’ll be overjoyed when they receive their very own activity mat and set of crayons. Keep the little ones entertained when you place an activity placemat at each spot around your decorated table.


Make the memories last forever when you provide take-home gifts for all the tiny ballerina friends. Your party will be the talk of the town for weeks and your guests will go home begging their parents to throw them their own ballerina party. From take-home cookies to beautiful necklaces, everyone will be impressed by your party-hosting abilities!

Filled Favor Boxes

These ballerina-themed favor boxes fit all your party favor needs in one convenient box! Each box contains stickers, a feather pen, a lollipop and other fun pink and purple treats!

Ballerina Necklace

This ballerina party is an event that your guests will hold dear to their hearts. Give them a reminder they'll always have with this elegant and stylish Ballerina Necklace.


Whether you have one or multiple guests of honor at your party, it’s important to make sure everyone knows who they’re celebrating. Personalized banners, plates, centerpieces and favor boxes will let your little one know how special she truly is. Make the party unique and bring it to life with these personalized items. Think about how excited your little princess will be when she sees her name all over the party! Personalization creates perfect keepsakes and everlasting memories.

Favor Box

If you want to create your own take-home treats, these favor bags are ideal! Add an image and a fun personalized message thanking your guests for joining in your birthday fun!

Thank You Notes

A great way to thank your guests and show your appreciation is to send hand-written thank you notes. Teach your kids fantastic manners by having them thank everyone who joined in the celebration. These adorable thank you notes provide guidelines so your little ballerina can write them herself. 

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