Super Mario Bros.

Guest stylist Amanda Auer of In the Now Weddings and Events took our Super Mario Bros. product and dazzled us with ideas for decor, games and activities, and displays for food and favors. Her colorful scheme cleverly reflected the fun and energy of the popular game and proved easy enough for any host or hostess to replicate.

Super Mario Bros. Birthday Party

Primary colors and interesting shapes enliven this Mushroom Kingdom-themed dining table. Amanda rented tables and chairs in kids-size versions to make guests feel right at home. Super Mario Bros. plates and cups balance out DIY touches and mustaches attached to straws add a playfulness kids will love. Blue cloud-print balloons hang above the dining table like a chandelier, complimenting a red flag banner.

Party Decorations


A red tablecloth trimmed in textured gold that Amanda found at a fabric store fit the color scheme flawlessly.

A yellow striped napkin folded into a 3-D shape complements a Super Mario Bros. dinner plate framed by a shiny red plate. A star-shaped box of candy and yellow utensils add additional sunny contrast.


Amanda fastened fun mustache stickers on straws to give Super Mario Bros. cups a humorous lift. A quick coat of green spray paint transformed pieces of pipe from the hardware store into theme-based vessels for curly bamboo plants that make awesome centerpieces for the table.

Amanda’s alternative option for place settings feature Super Mario Bros. dessert plates framed by black and white check dinner plates on yellow placemats decorated with gold coins. Blue cups, printed napkins, and cloud-print favor boxes add the perfect finishing touch.

Menus and Recipes


A backdrop of blue streamers and a cardboard Mario standup help bring this “Power Up” food table to life. Our easy three-step menu looks great displayed on creative stands and risers composed of favor boxes, cups, trays, buckets, and gift-wrapped boxes. The addition of luxe table linens elevates the entire scene.



The foundation of any birthday menu is cake, ice cream, and drinks, and that is all you should feel obligated to serve as long as your shindig doesn’t fall during a customary meal hour. To that end, plain, store-bought cupcakes are easy to get into the spirit!


Store-bought ice cream sandwiches also take on the theme.


Super Mario Bros. stickers and red striped straws are all that are needed to spruce up basic blue cups filled with ice cold lemonade.



If you want or need to serve lunch, add our easy meal option. Mini sandwiches look great when creatively presented, and a display of fresh fruit — we sliced strawberries then added pre-cut chunks of pineapple and melon purchased from a grocery store — rounds out the meal.



We have plenty of snack options with which to round out the menu, plus awesome DIY “Question Box” lamps that literally light up the table. See below for snack suggestions!


Pixel Puzzle SuperMario-Activity-1

This fun activity allows kids the opportunity to get crafty as well as complete their puzzles!


Round candies in different shades are used to complete the puzzles.

Framed Photo Ops


These clever, DIY frames allow guests to pose as the characters of their choice while you snap photos for posterity.




The favor display features painted pipes and cardboard boxes wrapped with striped paper as stands for mushroom tins and boxes filled with sour candy, while alternating favor boxes offer assorted goodies.




A sprinkling of gold confetti shaped like stars around the pipes adds shimmer to the display.



A gallery of gold “coins” filled with toy figurines gets kids moving in order to claim their favors!



We upgraded a basic Super Mario Bros. invite with moustaches and stickers.

Need to send your invitations as quickly as possible? The pixelated Evite invitation below is an awesome option for a gaming-themed party.



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Shane Smith

Shane Smith

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