Super Easy Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

Between Captain America and the Guardians of the Galaxy, 2014 has been a great year for superheroes! It’s not stopping anytime soon, either. Marvel is going to be hitting hard in 2015 with the next Avengers movie, Age of Ultron, as well as a reboot of The Fantastic Four and a new story about one of the original Avengers, Ant-Man. Then, DC is already poised to respond with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, which is going to be kicking off a whole new series of Justice League movies.  

So, we figured it was as good a time as any to bring you some fun and easy superhero birthday party ideas from around the Internet. Keep on reading to learn more!

Super suit up!


“Honey, where’s my super suit?” – Fro-Zone, 2004

Birthday parties are better in costume, and every superhero needs to conceal their secret identity, after all! Party guests will love dressing up in their favorite superhero costumes, from Batman and Batgirl to Spider-Man and more. No superhero is complete without a cape, either, and accessories like Thor’s mighty hammer are always great ideas to add in. After the party is over, these costumes will fit fantastically in any play room!

Create your own easy DIY superhero masks.



As an easy DIY alternative to full-on costumes for every child, you can make up some fun felt superhero masks for the guests to wear. These were created by Jessica of, where the complete tutorial for the mask-making technique is shown, complete with free printable templates. Create your very own Justice League or band of Avengers to keep the party safe!

Make cute superhero gift bags.

Credit: Keeping up with the Laughlins

Credit: Keeping up with the Laughlins

Credit goes to Keeping Up With The Laughlins for this amazing DIY party idea. To start off, purchase some plain paper gift bags in varying colors. Then, with some colored construction paper, build up the design of each superhero’s costume! Captain America gets a silver star, Wolverine gets some black triangular stripes, etc. You can even make this into a fun hands-on party activity and let the kids create their own heroes.

Prepare an epic assortment of superhero party favors.


Of course, you need to fill those gift bags with something! We have tons of different superhero party favors to choose from (shown above: Avengers Assemble). Select your child’s favorites, from candies to fun trinkets like glow sticks and disc shooters, and you’re good to go.

Use comic book pages as a creative way to serve snacks.

Credit: Comic Con Family

Credit: Comic Con Family

Comic Con Family has some great printable comic book patterns that you can download and easily turn into ice cream cone wrappers. Paper cones can also be used to display finger foods like popcorn and pretzels – to set the cones up without spilling them everywhere, poke some large holes in a piece of Styrofoam and nestle them inside.

Throw up the superhero signal!


Evite has a bunch of different designs of superhero invitations on their website that you can use to announce your special occasion in style. With such a wide variety, you’re guaranteed to find something that works perfectly with your party’s color scheme, whether you’re planning for boys or girls. You can also choose to send them in print or via email, too.

How are you going to be celebrating your superhero-in-training’s next big birthday? What kind of birthday party ideas should we show off next? If you liked this blog and want to see more like it, let us know! Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter @BirthdayExpress to share your thoughts, or just shoot us a quick email. Check out our Pinterest boards, too, to get even more awesome party ideas for all of our birthday party themes.

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