Sock Monkey Celebration

A whimsical childhood favorite takes center stage at a birthday party equally perfect for boys and girls. We set our sentimental line of Sock Monkey products against a background of cheerful patterns and decorative accents for a look that appeals to the kid in all of us. But looks can be deceiving. This party is very easy to accomplish!

Sock Monkey

Crisp linens and personalized balloons make a big impact on the dining table. Placing candy in apothecary jars creates nostalgia. Charming red stools (we rented ours) contribute to the decor and serve as perfect stands for Sock Monkey caps that kids can don for the day and then take home as favors.

Party Decorations


Custom touches make a birthday party feel special and well thought-out. Here, a personalized banner calls out the guest of honor, while balloons personalized with a chalk ink marker serve as seating cards. An oversized box (ours was a clean cast-off picked up from an appliance store) covered with Sock Monkey gift wrap and sporting a bright bow makes a great prop.


Even standard red cups feature a flurry of festooning. Add a patterned straw for a look that’s festive and ties into the theme.


Our cheery place setting combines a Sock Monkey activity place mat with a patterned dinner plate and napkins from the collection, plus utensils we placed to the right so they’re easy for little hands to grab. DIY party poppers make festive favors.


If you opt for a box lunch instead of a buffet, a Sock Monkey favor box looks adorable when paired with a plate in solid red. A patterned cup with a striped straw helps pull the look together.


Our Banana-Nutella wraps are delicious  and easy, too!


Apothecary jars filled with red, brown, and white candy add a festive touch to the table, while a miniature wagon filled with precious cargo (a stuffed toy, DIY pinwheels, and bright balls of yarn) serves as a whimsical centerpiece.


Centerpieces featuring candy are always a hit!


Even glasses (or in our case, Mason jars) of milk get the Sock Monkey treatment with the addition of ribbon, straws, and sweet candy sprinkles.


A printable welcome sign in your entryway ensures a warm greeting for guests, while a red pail of DIY pinwheels gives the tableau a playful feel.


Welcome to the birthday party!

Menus and Recipes


A storybook-perfect table is laden with treats from our easy three-step party menu that requires zero cooking or baking. We borrowed and invested in cake plates, platters, jars, and risers to elevate our menu literally and figuratively. A miniature wagon serves as a fanciful anchor, and we also layered Sock Monkey dessert plates on dinner plates then taped them to the wall for a bright backdrop that took minutes to make.



As long as the party doesn’t fall during mealtime, a classic offering of dessert and beverages is all you’re really obligated to serve. The addition of red candy and Sock Monkey wrappers transforms bakery cupcakes into adorable themed treats that look even better on a tiered server accented with a miniature monkey. Bottles tied with polka dot ribbon and edged in jimmies upgrade plain milk, and store-bought ice cream sandwiches scattered with sprinkles take on a whole new look when arranged on a pedestal.



If the celebration falls during lunch – or you just feel like expanding the menu – a lunch item and side are simple to add. Healthy wraps look great on a cake plate strewn with party mix.


Cute skewers of fruit are sweet without being sugary. Just alternate sliced kiwi, whole raspberries, and sections of mandarin orange on bamboo picks and arrange on a platter.



The addition of snacks will round out the menu, or they can be paired with cake and ice cream. Food-label printables add the perfect touch of monkey business.

  • Fill red cupcake wrappers with assorted cookies and display on a white tray
  • Place red licorice in a glass canister labeled “Monkey Vines”
  • Mix multi-grain cereal, pretzels, chocolate candy, and banana chips and serve from a glass jar, labeled “Monkey Snacks,” with metal scoop


Have time to put together an extra treat? Spear maraschino cherries on candy sticks, add a slice of banana, and dip into melted chocolate before rolling in nonpareils. A cake stand sprinkled with miniature chocolate chips and red Sixlets makes banana pops look even more delectable.


Sock Monkey Photo Op

Our Sock Monkey standup anchors a whimsical photo op surrounded by empty boxes wrapped in brightly patterned paper. Have kids pose in front of the camera for a fun activity that will be recorded forever.


Activity Place mats


Kids can sit right at the table and work out the puzzles on their activity place mats! DIY party poppers filled with crayons are the perfect accompaniment and look great on the table beside both of our place-setting options.



A full-size wagon holds striped goodie bags and caramel apples adorned with printable thank you tags tied with twine and polka dot ribbon, respectively. A printable sign, DIY pinwheel, polka dot pillow, and two sew-it-yourself Sock Monkeys on a bed of red crinkles add decoration to the display. The final touch? Two smiling toys made from Sock Monkey kits!

We wrapped chocolate bars with Sock Monkey stickers for sweet treats that are themed.


“Thank You!” printables tied with polka dot ribbon add a personal touch to store-bought caramel apples.



Standard Sock Monkey party invitations get DIY embellishments.

SockMonkey-Invitation-EvitePrefer the convenience of an electronic invitation? This Sock Monkey Evite invitation is the perfect match.

View the entire line of Sock Monkey products by clicking here.

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