Paris Damask Celebration


Designed with aspiring sophisticates in mind, this tiny soiree is pure Parisian chic. Set against a backdrop of classical black and pretty pink details, our Paris Damask party supplies are what birthday dreams are made of.

Keep reading to learn more about and get inspired by our special DIY party ideas, food ideas, and decorating ideas for this theme!

DIY Paris Damask Room Décor

Sometimes, balloons just don’t have the right feel. Create your own unique cluster combo of paper party decorations for a look that’s even more elegant!

DIY_Paris Damask_Room Decor_LS opt2

Click here to get the kit! Tissue paper puffs and paper lanterns both assemble in seconds.

Once put together, you can use tape and fishing line (not included in kit) to display the puffs and lanterns in different configurations. Create a cluster that hangs from the ceiling or a light fixture, or simply attach to the wall.

Each lantern has a stunning damask pattern that provides excellent contrast with the white and pink puffs. Three are included in the kit, but more may always be added a la carte.

DIY Paris Damask Party Favor Buckets

Every child’s birthday needs treats and sweets! Here’s a cute way to display them:

DIY_Paris Damask_Favor Buckets_LS

Click here to get the kit! Enough party supplies are included to make two buckets, just like the ones shown here.

We love using these tiny metal buckets in our decorating ideas because of how versatile (and reusable) they are. To dress them up for this party theme, cut and wrap a length of wide pink ribbon around each bucket and hold it in place with a Paris Damask sticker.

Inside the bucket, you’ll want to use a chunk of Styrofoam (not included in the kit) in the bottom to be the base for some sucker sticks. Fancy pink and black whirly pops fit the bill – feel free to add more of your child’s favorite candy in and around the buckets. Finish by filling the empty spaces with pink and black tulle.

DIY Paris Damask Table Décor

Whether it’s a full tablescape for food, a table for activities, or just another storage area for presents, here are some easy DIY ways to spruce up your party space.

DIY_Paris Damask_Table Decor_LS

Click here to check out the starter kit! There’s a lot going on here, but we’re going to break it down piece by piece so you can quickly craft and create the look for yourself!

Table Tassels

DIY_Paris Damask_Table Decor_close up

To decorate along the front edge of our party table, we used chalkboard (just a black, white, and silver color scheme) party tissue tassels by David Tutera. Once assembled and properly fluffed, attach the tassels to a length of hot pink grosgrain ribbon, and attach that to the table. We happened to have some handy drawers with knobs to tie them onto, but some clear tape will work just as well. This decoration can be used to dress up a blank wall, too!


DIY_Paris Damask_Table Decor_close up (3)

This cardboard Eiffel Tower centerpiece looks just like the real thing, albeit about 800 times smaller. Of course, any larger and it wouldn’t work too well on your kitchen table! Out of the box, it folds together in just a few simple steps and really brings the “Wow!” to the party look. We also added some pink damask cupcake boxes and a tasseled table runner for color.

Dressing up Desserts and Drinks

DIY_Paris Damask_Table Decor_close up (4)

Bows of pink ribbon are great ways to dress up bottles of pink strawberry milk (shown above), and black ribbon looks supremely stylish on a white takeout container. Use them to hold party favors or finger foods. Oddly shaped glassware, like apothecary jars (not included in kit), look fantastic when filled with colorful treats like pink gumballs and Sixlets.

DIY Paris Damask Wall Decor

You could definitely say we’re a fan of this decorating idea. Your little girl will be, too!

DIY_Paris Damask_Wall Decor_LS

Click here to get this kit! Everything you need for this fantastic decoration is inside.

Included are nine small paper fans (three white, six silver), five medium fans (three pink, two white), and four large pink paper fans. Each one has a little self-adhesive strip that holds itself open, so they’re pretty easy to set up. Sounds like a job the kids can help with!

Then, you can either stick the fans directly to your wall with Scotch tape, suspend them from the ceiling at varying heights with thread or fishing line (not included in kit), or use a combination of techniques.

Since the sizes of these fans range from 10 inches all the way up to 25 inches, layering them is the key to getting a good look. We suggest creating a “background” with different shades of the larger fans, and asymmetrically positioning the smaller ones in front. Centering different sizes of fans together can have a flowery effect, too.

The Complete Paris Birthday Party Look

We first showed off the following Paris Damask party almost a year ago to date, but some things never go out of style! More how-tos for the complete party scene, complete with food ideas and decorating ideas below.

Paris DamaskA dreamy tablescape with patterned black linen, a pale pink runner, and Paris Damask Eiffel Tower centerpieces sets a sophisticated tone for a sweet celebration. Birthday cupcakes add to the decor, and pale pink tulips add refinement to the table. A touch as simple (and affordable) as tying fabric to the chairs has major impact on the ladylike aesthetic of the scene.

Party Decorations


Paper honeycomb lanterns in pink, white, and black-and-white damask hover like a chandelier over the decorated dining table. Vases lined with white candy hold delicate pink tulips, while a beribboned platter of cupcakes takes center stage.


The combinations for place settings from the Paris Damask line seem positively endless. Our favorites: a square paper plate with polka dot napkin and patterned favor boxParis Damask cups with striped black straws, and pale pink utensils on a black activity placemat; and a Paris Damask plate on a patterned placemat with napkin, black utensils, and a tower-shaped drinking bottle that doubles as a favor.


Pink lemonade becomes instantly chic when poured into plastic champagne flutes tied with sweet curling ribbon.


Pink tulle dresses up plain black chairs, while tiny tiaras work as both party-decor details and options for dress-up.


Love the look of our honeycomb chandelier?


Menus and Recipes


A beautiful food display begins with lovely serveware that varies in style and height thanks to a mix of decorative risers. Boxes wrapped in black paper and tied with lace give cake plates a lift, while a pretty damask storage box does the same for a ribbon-tied pedestal of cupcakes.



Cupcakes are an adorable alternative to a full-sized birthday cake and are easy to theme so as to match the decor. After decorating, display cupcakes on a pedestal lined with black and white Sixlets.


Even the ice cream and lemonade at our Paris Damask party get a sophisticated take!



Our lovely option for lunch is a simple pairing of easy croissant sandwiches and a salad tossed with fruit.


Adding snack items to supplement the menu is an opportunity for more creative display.

  • Arrange pink and white meringue cookies on a tiered server
  • Pile fresh raspberries dotted with chocolate chips in cupcake holders dressed in Paris Damask wrappers
  • Skewer swirled lollipops in a cylinder of Styrofoam, then place in a glass vase and fill the remaining space with a mix of black and white Sixlets


Le Petit Chef


Paris Damask tablecover and a framed, printable sign turn an ordinary table into a station for cookie decorating! Budding chefs can get into character with chef hats customized with ribbon and bows.


Decorators at work.


The best part of this project? Eating the edible works of art!

Les Paparazzi


Give guests a taste of fame by offering feather boas, child-size tiaras, black berets, strings of pearls, and silky gloves to wear while walking the pink carpet.






If you opted for favors at every place setting, your work is done! Pre-filled favor boxes spill with treasures, including stickersblowoutspink poodle stuffed animals, white pearl necklaces, and marabou rings.

Paris Damask Birthday Favors

Props from the Les Paparazzi photo op can also serve as favors. Just arrange on a table with decorative holders and let the girls go home in their favorite looks.



Give guests a peek at the spoiling in store by adding a pretty damask balloon to Paris Damask invitations. An “Ooh la la!” sticker on the envelope is the perfect finishing touch.

An electronic invitation sent directly to parents allows busy families to keep track of all the details. Use our matching invitation, now available on Evite.

Paris Damask invitation now available on Evite.


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View the entire line of Paris Damask products by clicking here. 

See our free Paris Damask printables here.



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