Angry Birds Birthday Party


The extreme fun factor of this popular game is the inspiration for our Angry Birds birthday party. We highlighted the bright colors and clever styling of Angry Birds party supplies with simple DIY projects and presentation ideas. Save time without sacrificing style by implementing our strategy for an awesome birthday party!

Angry Birds Birthday PartyProducts from our Angry Birds Party Pack are joined by references to the game, such as golden eggs and sticks of “TNT.” A food table features free printable food labels and our signature three-part menu relies mainly on purchased food doctored and decorated to reflect the theme. But the best part isn’t the outcome—it’s how ridiculously easy it is to achieve!

Party Decorations


A helium-free balloon mosaic makes an impressive backdrop. Make it a family project to turn an ordinary wall into a stretch of blue sky the night before the party so you’re not pressed for time — click here for the tutorial.

Party Pack essentials such as a patterned tablecover, bright red plates and cups, green themed dessert plates, and sunny yellow place mats make a great foundation for an Angry Birds birthday party.


Alternative place setting: Want to mix up your party look? We wrapped cardboard with wood-grain contact paper to create a unique place mat, added Angry Birds mustaches to striped straws, and threw in a paddle ball as a decorative favor.


DIY utensil wrappers labeled with “TNT” printables remind guests of how angry some birds can get! A basket of treat-filled golden eggs makes a great centerpiece.

Menus and Recipes


The key to an easy menu is sprucing up store-bought food with creative touches that make it look as impressive as catering. Our pre-planned party menu gives you three options to serve solo or combine for a colorful, creative spread.


A store-bought sheet cake gets an Angry Birds makeover with the easy addition of red and yellow jimmiescake topper, and pretzel sticks. Click here for the recipe!


If your party doesn’t fall during lunchtime, a straightforward menu of cake, ice cream, and drink is all you really need to serve. An ice cream bar allows kids to dress up their dessert with bright toppings. Click here for the recipe! Meanwhile, Angry Birds adhesive mustaches pack a huge punch (literally) when added to straws that match our lime cups and a green platter.



If the celebration falls during lunch – or you’d just like to expand the menu – a lunch item, side, and snacks can be added. Our “Bad Piggies in a Blanket” do require some baking, but are well worth the effort, and deeming fresh fruit “Smashed Piggies” makes kids more likely to dig in. Our picks for snacks:

  • Label a wire basket with “Twigs in a Basket” and fill with pretzel sticks
  • Top a bucket of trail mix with a metal scoop and affix with a “Bird Feeder” label
  • Attach “Bird Chips” to a basket full of potato chips


Live-Action Angry Birds


Guests will be shocked to see their favorite game come to life in our live-action version of Angry Birds. Blocks of “wood” and “bricks” are doctored boxes accented with decals and piñatas.


The rules of the game are easy — kids toss plush Angry Birds toys from a “Launch Zone” and knock the castle blocks down.

King Pig Piñata


Kids will have a ball taking hits on a King Pig piñata until candy-filled golden eggs spill to the grass!


Plush dolls (with sound effects!) and foam balls organized for the “Launch Zone” of the Live-Action Angry Birds game can go home with guests at the end of the party. A decorative bucket filled with water balloon slingshots accent the station and serve as favors.


Displaying favors creatively not only makes them more memorable, but also contributes to the “wow factor” of the décor. We framed a “Thanks for Flying By” sign and placed it alongside a basket of favor boxes filled with rock candyflying discspaddle balls, and Angry Birds bracelets.




We upgraded the basic Angry Birds invite with self-adhesive eyebrows and DIY bird beaks and eyes made of felt.

View the entire line of Angry Birds products by clicking here.


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