DIY Ladybug Party


It’s black and white and red all over! We put together this Ladybug party just to prove how easy it is to create an adorable theme without going out of your way for special, pre-printed party supplies. With a little ingenuity, simple solid colors can go a long way! There’s nothing quite as satisfying as crafting your own party from scratch, and this is a DIY party look that the kids are sure to love!

Read on to see the rest of our decorating tips for this party!

For our Ladybug look, we used some basic black and white plates, red and white polka dot napkins, and accented everything with lime green utensils for contrast. Black ribbon and colorful striped straws dress up the drinks. Feel free to shop around and experiment to find what fits you the best! Mix it up with some ziggy-zaggy red chevron patterned plates, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Ladybug bean bags in a patch of tissue paper grass and bottles of ladybug bubbles at every setting make great additions to the table. Plus, they double as party favors for the guests!

Speaking of party favors, these red and black spotted favor boxes are absolutely perfect for this party. In our free Ladybug printables pack, you’ll find some customizable tags that you can use to make personalized favors for each child. There’s also a great variety of patterned wraps that you can use as replacements for soda bottle labels. A little Scotch tape and you’re all set!

We also used some Ladybug Costume Wings to decorate around the room. The best part is that you can add them to your child’s playroom collection after the party!

Jumbo tissue paper puffs are an amazing addition to any party, and they definitely work here! A red and white dot banner looks fantastic in the background, and these polka dot balloons are perfect. Don’t forget the helium!

Stick some half-opened red tissue honeycomb balls to your backdrop, for a look reminiscent of crawling ladybugs. On the sweet side of things, you can use a spherical cake pan and a few fondant cutouts to make the most amazing ladybug cake ever! Top up some jars with red and black candies to serve alongside it.

Decorate some red-wrapped cheese rounds with dots of black construction paper for an instant (and healthy!) Ladybug party snack. After all, as much as we’d love to, we can’t just eat cupcakes all day – but as long as we’re on the subject, repurpose some ladybug pencil toppers as cupcake toppers! Red and white polka dot ribbon is a fitting way to dress up the cupcake stand itself, and printable toothpick flags and table tents take the look even further.

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