Cookie Cake Tutorial

Cake Tutorial
Here’s what you will need:
          • Sugar Cookie Dough
          • Royal Icing
          • Edible Sugar Pearls
          • Royal Icing Flowers

Cake Cookie Tutorial 3

After baking the Sugar Cookie Dough, while still warm, cut out 3 circle sizes. When cutting, remember that you will need 2 same sized circles for each cookie cake tier when assembling.

Cake Cookie Tutorial 4

Once cookies are cooled, spread Royal Icing on top of each tier. Dab a small amount of Icing on top of the lower cookie to adhere to the upper cookie.

Cake Cookie Tutorial 5

Cake Cookie Tutorial 6

Decorate outer edge of icing with Sugar Pearls.

Cake Cookie Tutorial 7

Once all tiers have been decorated, stack the cookie tiers from largest to smallest. Place a Royal Icing Flower or other decoration on top of your assembled cookie cake.

Cake Cookie Tutorial 2

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