Berenstain Bears Party

Ever since their debut in 1962, The Berenstain Bears has been one of the most popular series of children’s books around. If you grew up with these storybooks and want to share that nostalgia with your kids, there’s no better way to do it than with a Berenstain Bears birthday birthday party!

Read on to see our party ideas and tips for this theme.


Berenstain Bears party supplies have a fun and colorful look with designs taken right from the pages of your child’s favorite books – Brother Bear and Sister Bear are here to join the party! With the Berenstain Bears party in a box, you can get all the essentials in one convenient package, too, delivered straight to your door.


Plates and napkins featured in in this party theme feature the smiling faces of the Bears themselves, and paper cups are printed to look like adorable honey pots. Feel free to combine these themed supplies with your child’s favorite solid color party supplies, too. Layering in some bright shades of blue and yellow can go a long way towards creating a totally unique birthday experience! Don’t forget about basic patterns like polka dots and zig-zag chevron party supplies, either.


Small glass jars filled with honey can make cute and quaint table decorations. Larger version of these jars, or even Mason jars, can be used as cups, too. Grass placemats are a great fit for this theme as well.

Also, aren’t these “bread bears” just the cutest? Two smaller dough balls form the ears and are baked into place – the faces are created with a food coloring marker.


There’s plenty of other ways to sweeten your Berenstain Bears party with tasty treats, too! Cupcakes frosted with a swirl of golden icing with faux bees instantly become bee hive cupcakes. Bonus points if they’re flavored with honey.


To turn any plate of cookies into a big batch of “bear paws,” simply use some sliced almond pieces for the claws. Bake them in place from scratch, or insert them into cookies you’ve purchased. They’ll be delicious either way!


All birthday parties eventually have to come to an end, unfortunately, but sending the guests off with Berenstain Bears thank you notes will help it end on the right note! There are plenty of party favors that you can also add into the mix to create the perfect package.


Our Berenstain Bears party favor box includes Berenstain bears stickers, activity books, and more fun treats. You can also get empty boxes and stash them full of your child’s favorite things, whether that means candy or a plush bear.

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