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Creative DIY Birthday Confectionery Crafts for Kids!

If you enjoy eating candy and other confections, you might also like to try using these sweet treats to create beautiful crafting projects. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or another holiday, or you just want to whip up something fun and delicious, craft projects with candy might be perfect. Try making flowers, jewelry, or animals using edible treats. You can even decorate for the holidays or learn about science using candy.

Flowers and Bouquets

Make a flower arrangement as a table centerpiece or as a festive birthday gift. Edible flowers can have vivid colors when you choose candies with bright hues. These edible flowers will last if you don't eat them. Of course, you can also opt to eat a candy bouquet, too, for a sweet treat.

  • Spangler Craft Ideas - The Spangler candy company offers tutorials and ideas for creating flower arrangements out of a variety of different types of candy.
  • Candy Crafts: Bubble Gum Bouquet - Use individually wrapped pieces of bubble gum to make a tasty and pretty bouquet.
  • Candy and Tulip Bouquet - Martha Stewart shares instructions for making a beautiful tulip arrangement with brightly-colored candies that coordinate with the color of the flowers.
  • Flowers Candy - Wrap pieces of candy in tissue paper to make the centers of beautiful flowers. By adding tissue paper petals around the centers of the candies, you can make beautiful flowers that will last until you eat them.
  • Making a Candy Bouquet - Follow instructions to make a simple bouquet out of small candy bars and other treats. The finished result will be both delicious and pretty.

Jewelry Ideas

Jewelry can be edible when you make pretty pieces out of candy. Some jewelry is as simple as threading or tying candy onto a long piece of pretty ribbon to make a necklace. If you have individually wrapped pieces of candy, save the wrappers; you can then fold the tiny papers into intricate shapes to make a necklace or a bracelet.

  • How to Make Candy Resin Pendants (PDF) - Follow along with these detailed instructions to make beautiful pendants that contain colorful candy sprinkles.
  • Make Candy Wrapper Jewelry (PDF) - Save those candy wrappers and use them to make stunning necklaces and bracelets.
  • Candy Crafts (PDF) - Explore the various projects included in this publication, including making a simple necklace out of pieces of candy.

Cakes and Cookies

Cakes and cookies get even better when you embellish them with candy. Build a gingerbread house from scratch using pieces of flat gingerbread. Once finished, use frosting to construct the house; it also serves as glue to add various kinds of candy to the house to decorate it. Even standard cookies become something special if you add frosting and candies.

  • Building a Gingerbread House (PDF) - King Arthur Flour provides complete instructions for building a gingerbread, with suggestions for candy decorations, too.
  • Gingerbread House (PDF) - Make a simple gingerbread house out of graham crackers and prepared frosting. Then add embellishments like gumdrops, cinnamon drops, and candy sprinkles to decorate the house.
  • Gingerbread House Recipe and Ideas? (PDF) - Follow these detailed instructions for building and decorating a festive gingerbread house.
  • Gingerbread House Construction and Decorating Ideas (PDF) - You can use many different types of candies to decorate a gingerbread house. For example, make a red roof with cinnamon candies or create doors and shutters with chocolate candy bars.
  • Cake Pops (PDF) - Make homemade cake pops that look like lollypops. Decorate the cake pops with holiday themes.

Animals and Nature

You might be surprised at the amazing animals you can construct with different kinds of candy. You can make caterpillars, spiders, and ladybugs with delectable candies. Marshmallows also work well as bug and spider bodies. Chow mien noodles can make a realistic bird's nest, which you can then fill with jelly bean eggs or other types of candies.

  • Candy Kiss Butterfly and Caterpillar Project (PDF) - Use bright candy kisses to make these adorable butterflies and caterpillars.
  • Spring Crafts for Kids (PDF) - Peruse this publication to see the many different crafts you can make to celebrate spring. You can even make an edible bird's nest out of chow mien noodles, filling it with jelly beans for the eggs.
  • Build Your Own Insect (PDF) - Create an insect out of candy ingredients such as jelly beans, candy corn, chocolate-covered raisins, and marshmallows.
  • Chocolate Bar Bugs & Marshmallow Spiders (PDF) - Make bugs or spiders that you can eat using marshmallows, chocolate-covered candies, licorice, and candy sprinkles.
  • American Girl Recipe Ideas (PDF) - Explore different ideas for making edible projects. You can make a ladybug out of strawberries, toothpicks, and chocolate chips.

Holiday Themes

Candy and holidays go hand-in-hand. Decorate for the holidays with wreaths made out of Christmas candy. When Halloween arrives in the autumn, make fun projects out of Halloween candy. You could even use leftover candy to make craft projects. In the spring, Easter projects with candy are also a delicious way to celebrate.

  • Candy Christmas Wreath (PDF) - Make a festive wreath to decorate for the holidays using tasty pieces of candy.
  • Halloween Guide (PDF) - Explore different festivities to celebrate Halloween, including cooking with candy. You can make cupcakes and decorate the tops to look like a graveyard with gummy worms and candy bugs.
  • Fun and Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas (PDF) - Make a Christmas wreath out of candy canes, wrapped chocolate candies, peppermint candies, and popcorn.
  • Gift Jars with Decorated Lids (PDF) - Make a gift jar to hold candy. Glue brightly-colored candies to the lid to decorate it.
  • Holiday Projects (PDF) - Make a simple gingerbread house using cereal, candy canes, gum drops, marshmallows, and licorice.
  • Halloween Fun (PDF) - Explore ideas for Halloween crafts, including making fun ghosts out of lollypops and white tissue paper.
  • Creative Ways to Use Halloween Candy (PDF) - Try using gummy bears and gum drops to decorate homemade or store-bought cookies.
  • Halloween Crafts (PDF) - Make a festive centerpiece for a table by filling a clear vase with candy corn, then add silk flowers to the vase.
  • Easter Candy Bouquet (PDF) - Celebrate spring and Easter by making a bouquet out of candy.
  • Easter Kitchen (PDF) - Prepare an Easter cake by making a sheet cake, decorating it with white frosting, and sprinkling green-colored coconut over the top to look like grass. Add jellybeans and other Easter candies to decorate.


You might be surprised at the exciting projects you can create with candy that will also teach you about various subjects. Learn about cells and soil by making edible models out of candy. Candy can also serve as the perfect modeling material for making edible sculptures. After you finish learning about a subject, you can then eat your candy model or sculpture.

  • Candy Striper Jar (PDF) - Decorate a clear jar with ribbons and use it to hold candy. Finish the project by gluing a round candy to the top of the jar to serve as the lid handle.
  • Cell-icious! An Edible Cell Activity (PDF) - Learn about cell anatomy with this edible project. Make the different parts of a cell using ingredients like candy sprinkles and chocolate-covered raisins.
  • Edible Soil (PDF) - Making edible soil can help you learn about the properties of dirt. Use crushed chocolate cookies to make up the soil. Add other ingredients like gummy worms, coconut, and candy-coated chocolate.
  • Make an Edible Coral Reef (PDF) - Learn about coral reefs by making an edible model. Use ingredients such as licorice whips, marshmallows, and candy sprinkles to make the replica.
  • Edible Crafts (PDF) - Candy and other foods can be ideal building materials to make edible crafts. You could even use marshmallows and toothpicks to make an edible sculpture.