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Meet Our Designers > Shane

What makes me tick:

A Grande Americano with cream, 2 sugars and a straw. Shane also thrives on woodworking, and modeling large-scale art with polystyrene.

"Building, for me, gets to the root of creativity and problem solving. I love combining a variety of media to create unique art pieces."

What my son has taught me:

"The best thing I've learned from my 4-year-old son is to expand my imagination. Now movie nights at home not only require popcorn, but also a tent made from blankets and ALL of the couch cushions. House projects must first be tested as possible skateboarding obstacles. And the yard can only be successfully mowed when a bubble mower follows the entire way."

Fun fact:

Shane and his wife have been best pals since they were 13 years old. To this day they share many of the same friends, have similar interests in music and the arts, and rarely disagree when picking out paint colors. "She is my soulmate, and I knew it the moment I laid eyes on her."

Favorite travel destination:

Spain has been Shane's favorite country to visit, by far. "It's an amazing experience to be at the Salvador Dalí museum in Figueres and the Gaudí museum in Barcelona. Dalí was simply brilliant, and Gaudí's whimsical architecture combined with mosaic tile work is incredibly inspiring. It's truly extraordinary what one person is capable of achieving in a lifetime."

Proudest moment:

Shane's proudest career moment was the launch of Personalized Party Supplies on Birthday Express and Celebrate Express. "A lot of intricate details went into making the personalization program work correctly, and it could not have happened without the help of an amazing team. When my niece celebrated her graduation, I was able to see the product in an actual party environment. I watched everyone's surprised reaction to the personalized pieces and heard so many wonderful comments. Knowing all the hard work that we'd put into the project really made all the effort worthwhile."