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Meet Our Designers > Mike

What makes me tick:

"I'm typically fueled by the wonderful concoction of caffeine, sugar and bean juice, colloquially known as coffee. That, and an unending desire to reach even greater heights of awesomeness."

Daily inspiration:

Mike draws upon his love of the multiple facets of nerd culture. He grew up during the late '80s and early '90s on a steady mental diet of video games, cartoons and comics. Thankfully, it turns out the nerds are winning the pop culture wars, and Mike can use his nerd cred to bring his passion and expertise to some of our "nerdiest" party properties.

On Throwing Birthday Parties:

"No matter how hard times were, my parents never failed to make me feel like the luckiest kid in the world on my birthday."

Birthdays are hope. They're something a child can always look forward to — your special day to live like a star.

Greatest Lesson I've Learned:

"Life takes strange and unexpected turns, and fighting change rather than adapting to it is an ultimately futile endeavor. Keep broad goals you want to achieve, and continue to pursue them. But never forget that life changes us, and if you focus on the journey rather than the destination, you may be amazed at where you end up."

How I came to design for Brithday Express:

"The costume side of our business is actually the aspect that initially drew me to our company; it instantly struck me as being very in-line with my interests. My digital artist background was quickly put to use in our growing digital print department. Becoming the defacto graphics expert of the department I found myself working with the BDXP design team regularly to bring their designs into production."