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Celebrate Education - Fundraise for Your School

Join the BuySeasons Celebrate Education Fundraising Program, a complete turnkey solution to raising money for your school or non-profit. Teachers and Parents love to purchase party supplies and costumes for all types of year round celebrations: Birthdays, Dr. Seuss Day, Halloween, School Plays and a lot more.

    Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

    1. Signup for an affiliate account and apply for your storefront
    2. Setup your storefront with details about your School logo and details about your fundraising goals
    3. Promote your storefront to parents and teachers!
  • Benefits

    • Earn 13% commission on every order placed through your school page
    • Easily personalize the experience with your school
    • Get insight on exclusive discounts for schools, teachers and parents
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    Tips & Tricks to a Successful Program

  • Personalize your Store

    • Make sure your school logo, picture of school and description are included on the store so parents and faculty fully understand the organization they're contributing to
  • Add a Goal

    • Add a fundraising goal so parents, staff and community members understand what they are contributing to
  • Spread the Word

    • Include a link to your store in school newsletters, on your website, post to your social media pages and school event flyers
    • Use promotions sent to you through ongoing newsletters to help entice people to get a deal and contribute to your school
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